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  • For those of you asking about genealogy, I forgot to mention, if you have any Jewish background - or think you might, be sure to check out JewishGen - The Home of Jewish Genealogy and The latter is mostly Holocaust records.

    One other - no matter what your background - check out Italian Genealogical Group/. Their records cover far more than Italian records, particularly if your family lives or ever lived in New York City, no matter what religion or nationality. I discovered several of my family records at that site. Most immigrants to the US during the late 19th & early 20th century lived at one time or another in New York City.
  • Hi All!
    Tamales! Wow - now does that sound good!! I'll probably have to hit up the Goya case at my store lol!!

    Genealogy is a interesting subject. My grandfather did a lot of research years back and I wish I could get my hands on it - It may be lost for good though. My Great Grandmother's grandparents were Pioneers in Washington State while it was still a territory before a state!! He even traced back that we are somehow decedents of Betsy Ross!!
  • Charles, would your grandfather have used a computer, or is that after his time? Lots of people - even before computers - gave their genealogy records to the Family History Center (Mormon's genealogy center), no matter their religion. You may want to check out - if you really want to know if the records still exist.

    Also, what would grandpa's family have done with his records when he passed? Maybe they're still around. Betsy Ross would be a fun connection to see proof of.


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