My Favorite Thing About Xpress Healthcare is...

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  • Name just one thing about Xpress Healthcare that you love most.
  • Wow Julie

    I've been trying to narrow it down, But it just to hard for me to do..

    But I can tell you what I like the least.... NOTHING !
  • I actually did come up with ONE thing.

    With Xpress, I am treated with respect. I MATTER! I've never had that with a network marketing company before. Maybe the people raking in tons of money for some companies get that respect, but not everyone else.

    Because of this one thing, everything else that I love about Xpress is even better.
  • I have easy access to corporate. They know who I am when I call or email.

    Do we have to list just one (LOL)?

  • I know we all have many things we like/love about Xpress, but I'm trying to make us think here.

    For me, I don't think all the rest of the great things wouldn't be there if we weren't treated so well by the company.
  • I love your reason too Shana. It is so true, & that is huge!

    I've worked with other network marketing companies where you couldn't even reach anyone in their corporate office. You just didn't know where to go for help.
  • That's it !

    That is what I love about Xpress Healthcare.
    In most network marketing companies you are just a number unless
    you are at the top of the leader boards with the other "Heavy Hitters"

    At Xpress everyone is important no matter what.

    Everyone is viewed as a valuable part of the companies vision.
  • Exactly! Mike you phrased it much better than I. A perfect explanation!
  • What I like best...
    Like I said in my videos, the one thing I like best is how easy the pay structure is. As you all know any other MLM company out there is so confusing that I really believe that people who want to join are scared off and most of the ones in it give up because they, too, don't have a clue.
    With Xpress it's plain and simple....Easy to understand. Not saying that it's an easy business BUT if you understand it you are more likely to work the program...just my 2 cents.
  • That is another great thing about Xpress Tom. I agree. Our compensation plan is fabulous. With my previous company, the comp plan was difficult to understand, let alone explain!


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