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jody124 06-18-2016 01:08 PM

How long did it take before you started making money?
I'm thinking about starting a blog. I used to write for Yahoo! Contributor Network and similar sites back in the day and miss having a creative outlet, but at the same time... I have bills to pay. I know so much has changed with Google over the past few years. Has anyone recently started a blog and shown profit? How long did it take before you made any sort of income? I know blogging is a major time investment and not a get rich quick scheme, but curious how long it took before anyone made anything worth writing home about (even if it was just a few hundred a month).

danasurvey 06-18-2016 03:27 PM

I had a blogspot blog back on Google several years ago, and it took me somewhere between a month or two to start making some decent money. Things have changed a lot with SEO though as you have mentioned and many of the content mills like Yahoo! Contributor Network are now gone.

I've focused more on websites since then, but following good SEO practices such as adding content and promoting your blog on social media, forums, other sites, etc. should help with traffic. It will take some time to build that traffic up though and time frames really can vary when it comes to getting quality traffic and making money.

JoeSpirit 06-19-2016 08:10 AM

I maintain over 20 blog sites, and some of them are over eight years old.

Here's what I've experienced as far as monetization.

When I post content (posts & pages) that I write myself, and that is completely unique, in my voice with good readable flow, and niche related value, Google ranks my pages high in the SERPs. I don't bother to load for keywords. I just take my subject idea, and let it flow through the keyboard.

The blogs that I keep in that form do well.

When I tried spinning content the results were disastrous. I've never found a spinner that I trusted.

When I use some automation software that pulls in content (curation), and supposedly optimizes for SEO, I normally get less than satisfactory results.

If you plan to start a blog, and monetize it, I recommend that you write your own articles, and publish them over time. If your content is value added, and the look of your blog publishing is natural, Google will be your friend.

It does take time, but it's well worth the work.

jody124 06-19-2016 01:36 PM

Can I ask how much your blogs make (individually) on average?

JoeSpirit 06-20-2016 08:14 AM

Some have no direct income as they exist to feed other sites with traffic. And my blogs span a number of different niches.

My remote control toy blogs drive the largest income at the moment. Some months they generate in the hundreds of dollars. Most months less than $100 each.

My biz op blogs are growing rapidly, and I expect them to overtake the toys in a couple months.

I have noticed over the years that when I get lazy, or distracted, and don't publish fresh content on a regular basis the traffic drops drastically.

Right now I'm in a slack period as my major focus is away from publishing to the blogs.

Lori786 06-22-2016 04:52 AM

I don't think you'd really ever know how well you'd do unless you start a blog and see for yourself. The reason being there are just so many variables. How you write would not be comparable to someone else's writing abilities - you may be a much better writer than them or not. You may have chosen to write on a niche topic that pays higher among affiliate advertisers compared to someone else or you may have not. Your blog posts may rank higher for the same keywords than someone else's or not.

Point being unless you test the waters with your own unique content, you wouldn't really get an answer about how well YOU would do. I'd say start small with one blog. That would minimize your investment and focus your energies on that one blog and do the best you can do with it and see how things go. One thing is for sure, you wouldn't see any substantial earnings in a month or two - it would usually take anywhere from about six months to a year to see anything significant in earnings based upon how well your blog ranks in search engines. Best of luck!

JoeSpirit 06-22-2016 08:41 AM

Good points Lori. But I personally believe that the quality/value of your content is more important than the the quality of your writing skills.

Also, the amount of time it takes to see anything significant depends a lot on your traffic generation techniques. There are ways to get immediate results if you know them, and use them properly.

MothersWhoLaunch 06-23-2016 01:28 PM

Building up blogging traffic and revenue takes 6-months to a year (at least) for most people I network with. It really depends on your niche and what you're selling.

If you miss a creative outlet - why not try to launch a service business like freelance writing or freelance social media consulting? I do both. You can find clients in as little as a week just by using your network and a few tricks, like positioning yourself in such a way you're perfect for a small business in your area. And if you still really want to blog - you could blog about how you're doing it and then monetize that knowledge you're passing on :-)

This is more or less my business model and it's been a blast and also effective. :-)

JoyfulMomentsOlivia 06-27-2016 06:38 AM

6 - 12 months is probably the most accurate here.
Unless you strike it lucky with a viral post, then it can go a little quicker.

Lori786 06-28-2016 06:51 AM


Originally Posted by JoyfulMomentsOlivia (Post 3278170)
6 - 12 months is probably the most accurate here.
Unless you strike it lucky with a viral post, then it can go a little quicker.

Oh yeah, the viral post - I had one post years ago that went viral - it was crazy. Earned a few hundred dollars on that one day or two. However, that's just luck. I've never had another viral post since. It was such a rush though - I wouldn't mind that happening again :)

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