Lost my pagerank again! Is it because I transfered to WP?

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  • I went from a 3 to a 0. Just found this today. My domain hasn't changed, but I recently transferred to WP. Is this the reason, or am I being hit again (as I was a couple years ago) for sponsored posts?

    Any ideas?
  • Switched from what? Did your page URL's change? For example, if you switched from HMTL, the original page might have been
    www .xxxx.com/page.html
    and now the WP page might be
    www .xxxx.com/page

    Those are indexed as two different pages and the page rank won't automatically be carried over to the new one. If you set up permanent redirects from the old to the new when you switched the page rank should transfer fairly soon.
  • Panda Refresh?
    Google just did a Panda refresh yesterday. Might that have something to do with it?
  • I switched from Blogger to WP, but already had my .com. I didn't expect to lose my pagerank transferring since the url didn't change.

    If Google just had an update, guessing I got slapped for taking sponsored posts. I've had this happen before, but that was a couple years ago. For whatever reason my PR came back over time. Hopefully it will again and soon!
  • Page Rank
    In my opinion, the answer is obvious. It's because you changed from Blogger to WP. Why? A Search Engine, especially Google is concerned about the age of the content. From their "eyes", your content is brand new, thus the lower ranking.
  • Quote: I switched from Blogger to WP, but already had my .com. I didn't expect to lose my pagerank transferring since the url didn't change.
    Maybe we're saying the same thing, but I'm not sure. Having a .com that stays the same isn't the same as having page URL's that stay the same. If your pages all have the exact same URL now as they had when they were on blogger, then it's something else that caused you to lost pr. But if the page URLs changed at all then that would be what caused it.
  • Sorry to hear this happened! From what I know, you wouldn't instantly lose page rank unless your URLs changed...But I just read your most recent post; you said your feed also stopped working, so that makes me think that your URL did change in some way when you moved. I have Feedburner, too, and if you change the title or URL of your blog, you will have to change your feed...

    On the bright side, self-hosted Wordpress is way better than ANY Blogger ANYTHING hahaha One huge blogger (Xiaxue) just wrote a post on why she's finally switching after 10 years with Blogger...pretty scary stuff.

    Just a question for anyone to take a stab at: does Google look at the copyright date at the bottom of your blog to help with page rank, too? That can be manually changed, so I can't imagine they would care about it, but if so...
  • Guess it was the switch then. I didn't expect my feedburner subscription to be lost or my PR to be gone. I love that I'm on WP finally, but I will lose work because of losing the pagerank. Had some jobs lined up for today that I won't be able to fulfill. Such bad timing!

    I'll make the best of it. I have a lot to do to get back on track!
  • Blogger to WP
    Did you make sure your Permalinks settings in Wordpress are the same as Blogger? If you didn't set your permalinks up as page-title, it's possible that your posts are displaying as a different URL than what they were on Blogger. It's an easy fix if that's the problem. You can find out by looking at an individual post. It would say blogname.com/p=?76463 as opposed to blogname.com/this-is-a-post.

    I disagree about the age of the site being related to the CMS.
  • I've heard a lot say they lost PR temporarily when moving their blog but it came back up within a few weeks or months.