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Old 08-19-2007, 10:28 PM
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The affects of the internet on our society are so vast that
we have yet to realize the full extent of them. An important trend that is
being overlooked is the influence that the internet has on families by
providing the opportunity for one or more parents in a household to run a small
business from their home.

Upon researching this issue we
were surprised to discover the lack of comprehensive information concerning
parents using the internet to run a small business.

Most r[SM1]</span>rrrrr</span></span></span>esearch
concerning the internet focuses on issues such as the rate of usage,
accessibility, information dispersal, censorship and online shopping
statistics. On the whole researchers have failed to account for who is
engaging in ecommerce. These issues are so new that research organizations and statistics agencies</span>, such as the U.S. Census Bureau,
have failed to adapt their polls in order to determine the affect that the
internet is having on small businesses in general. As a result, we are forced
to presume that an unknown number of parents have recognized the business
opportunities presented by the internet to improve the quality of life for
themselves as well as their children.

We believe that people involved
in this trend must have a great deal to say, yet this group of people is
virtually unknown to policy makers. Because ecommerce is so new, many policies
regulating it have yet to be made. </span></span>The internet enables many parents to spend
more time with their children and/or supplement their income in ways otherwise
not possible if they were required to leave their homes. We feel that it is
important for parents who conduct business online to organize and discuss
issues relevant to their businesses so that common concerns can be recognized
and addressed before policies are made.

Yardsale Surfer<sup>TM</span></sup> would like to invite all parents to
an online seminar on the topic of ‘Parents in e-commerce’. This seminar is
meant to be an opportunity for parents in e-commerce or interested in
e-commerce to exchange ideas and discuss their perspectives of the industry.

Topics for discussion include:

<ul style="margin-top: 0in;" ="disc"><li ="Msonormal" style="">How
has your e-commerce business influenced your life and your families?<li ="Msonormal" style="">What
are the major concerns or obstacles you face with your e-commerce
business?<li ="Msonormal" style="">Do you
find there is lack of support from friends/family or society for your
business? <li ="Msonormal" style="">What
are your personal perspectives about shopping online? What are your
concerns about shopping online? Do your friends and families shop online?
Do your friends and family share your concerns?<li ="Msonormal" style="">What
do you think can be done to further the success of your personal
e-commerce business?<li ="Msonormal" style="">What
challenges do you face concerning administrative, accounting and/or tax

The seminar will be hosted by the Yardsale Surfer<sup>TM</span></sup> chat forum http://www.yardsalesurfer.com/people/

We at Yardsale Surfer<sup>TM</span></sup> believe that people involved in
e-commerce today are a pioneering group who will help define the nature of
e-commerce for generations to come. Yardsale Surfer<sup>TM</span></sup> is a new online auction site
that was founded by two couples that are both parents. We turned to ecommerce
to supplement our income and to work from home in order to spend more time with
our children and improve the quality of our lives[SM2]</span></span></span></span>. We
believe it is important for parents to come together in order to support this
opportunity for future generations. Our goal is to cultivate a business that
supports parents involved in e-commerce. We are looking forward to working with
the innovative and enterprising people that have been brave enough to make
their personal contribution to the new and emerging realm of e-commerce. Once
again we will be hosting this seminar in our chat forum http://www.yardsalesurfer.com/people/.

We look forward to meeting you,

The Yardsale Surfer<sup>TM</span></sup> Management Team


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