Anyone Recently Hired?

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  • I've also been at 100% for several months and haven't heard anything.
  • Vitamin M seems to be quite the comedian.Well Slavelady, it was just to start, for the first session. I was about to quit, but in my second session my pay rate increased to 0.40. Sorry to break your heart. Let me put some exclaimation marks too !!!!!!!!!! =D Shove your exclamation marks and learn to spell. My hubby just got hired and makes 75 per 1000 key strokes. (Yeah right) I think you just want to jerk peoples chain.
  • Quote: LOL I don't think I want to know what that means.
  • I sat at 100% for 2 months and got hired yesterday, so it appears that they are hiring right now.
  • I also got hired yesterday after a few months at 100%
  • Got hired yesterday
    I tested over a month ago at 100 percentile. I hadn't heard anything so I emailed them two days ago to check the status of my application. They sent me an invitation for hire right back.

    IDK that there's anything "wrong" with KFC to hire one person and not another. It's just like IRL ... I applied at a RL job recently that I was qualified for, and someone with less qualifications got hired on and I got a reject letter Lol. I guess it happens when you're job seeking.

    I logged into KFC for the first time this morning. The pay rate is about x3 more than what some of you ladies were saying. Maybe not a lot, but for me any $ is good $ right about now
  • I was hired this week as well. It's been so long since I tested that I need to find out how to do a refresher
  • Email them
    I had been at 100% for months and emailed them about my status (thanks for the advice). They emailed me back right away with an invitation email. I am very excited! hopefully I can keep up with the accuracy!
  • just out of curiosity.....are they hiring above the .30 per keystroke they've been paying? (other then checkboxes which pay .60)
  • I was hired at .30