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  • Review Writers needed. $5-10 per published review. Pay by Paypal. Email me at [email protected] to apply. I will send you the Welcome/Inquiry letter from the company email. Thanks!

    US Residents.
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    They are still adding people. It is a small gig, but pays on time and offers you some extra spending money.
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    Signed up never got jobs after first week..

    I also signed up for the very p/t work. that was posted on this as an opportunity. i make 20 cents a day .. but havent got anything at all for four days
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    We received a huge response. Please DM me your name and email and I will pull you up. It has taken longer than normal to respond. I am sorry for the delay.

  • RE: Review Writers

    I've have been writing reviews and doing internet research for Mike Munter, LLC and already. I sent an email expressing interests in this position. I also sent you a private message.
  • Responded, thanks!
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    They are adding some more writers. It pays on time and is for extra money.
  • Quote: They are adding some more writers. It pays on time and is for extra money.
    This sounds fun! I emailed you!
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    I have responded to everyone. Thank you

    It is an ongoing project, so we always add new people at this time.
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