Employee vs. Contractor

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  • I've been an IC and while I love creating my own schedule it's nice to know what I'll be making every week.
    So since January 2010 I've been an employee with full benefits and a 401k. I'm thrilled to have this option especially when my husband got laid off again. No interruption of health benefits.
  • yes,I thinck so.
  • It's tough to find an online job that isn't IC. You get used to how it works after you learn to keep careful records and get help with your taxes.
  • Thanks for providing the super useful work-at-home employer list on this thread! I'm going to forward this thread to a friend of mine.
  • Probably the main reason you became an independent contractor (aka consultant, freelance and IC) or want to, is to be your own boss. Unfortunately, some U.S. companies don't fully understand the difference between independent contractors and employees. Even among companies that do understand the difference, there are those that attempt to exploit the relationship, because it's clearly to their advantage to do so.
  • Be very careful when filing on this topic, as it can be touchy with the IRS. Some work at home companies have even been sued due to this topic. Work at Home Company Liveops Sued!

    Just make sure your employer has correctly classified you, and be careful!
  • Quote: Is there any relation between permanent employee vs contractor costs to capex/opex of a company ?
    Yes - namely payroll tax, superannuation, workers compensation, long service leave, sick leave, annual leave, training, etc.

    All of the permanent employee costs have to be placed under opex (with very few exceptions).

    Using contractors gives a company more control long term, and particularly in the IT industry is far cheaper since the contractor usually has to pay for their own training.
  • I just stumbled upon this today. I only knew about one company on the list. I definitely will be contacting some of the companies about opportunities.
  • Thanks for the list of companies. I will definately be checking into all of these.
  • :)
    I think being an IC is good especially if you have family obligations that won't allow you to be an employee. Having a flexible schedule is a must for me right now.