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Old 05-27-2007, 05:42 AM
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<TD>"I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, "Move from here to there" and it will move."Matthew 17:20 </TD></TR></T></TABLE>
More Work at Home Opportunities

Again, we want to stress the importance of researching any and all potential opportunities before investing your time and money. There are many, many scams out there and we want you to be safe. We, too, have been victims of work at home scams and have spent outrageous amounts of money trying to find that legitimate work at home job. Our hope is that by utilizing our web site you will save yourself time and money. Many websites charge a fee for the information we are providing to you FREE of charge. Our hope is that we will be able to maintain this site through the support of advertisers. Please consider us for your advertising needs!
<STR&#079;NG style="FONT-WEIGHT: 400">This website is dedicated to providing you with legitimate work at home opportunities. If you have information on legitimate opportunities that you would like to share, email us at [/b]bc@workathomecolorado.com.
<STR&#079;NG style="FONT-WEIGHT: 400">If you obtain a job from one of the listings on the Opportunity Page or the More Opportunities Page, please share the experience with others on the WorkatHomeColorado Blog: [/b]http://workathomecolorado.blogspot.com
When you apply for a job on this website, PLEASE let them know you found their job posting here! Thank you!

<TABLE id=table1 width=1058 border=5>
<TD>Researchers, Interviewers, Advertising, Sales and other WAH Jobs </TD></TR></T></TABLE>
Remember to tell them you found their job here at Work at Home Colorado!

AdPak Communications ~ http://www.adpak.com/employment.html<STR&#079;NG style="FONT-WEIGHT: 400"> [/b]
~ Security sales and support consultant

Advertising Sales ~ http://www.knightsradio.com
~ nationwide positions to sell advertising for radio station.

AFLAC ~ https://px.sircon.com/externalLeadForm.do?subscriberId=15584
~ Independent Agent or Brokers.

The Appointment Biz ~ http://www.theappointmentbiz.com/new_sub_info.htm
~ Virtual Assistants

Aquaricon ~ http://www.aquaricon.com
~ Acquire books to sell.

Artisan For Hire Inc ~ http://www.artisan-inc.com
<STR&#079;NG style="FONT-WEIGHT: 400"> ~ Talent Advocates[/b]

Background Profiles ~ http://www.backgroundprofiles.com/researchers.html

<STR&#079;NG style="FONT-WEIGHT: 400"> ~ Court Records Retrieval Experts[/b]

Bookjobs.com ~ http://www.bookjobs.com/viewjob.php?prmJobID=379518
~ Part time special sales to sell books to training and specialty accounts and to corporations.

Brandon Hall Research ~ http://www.brandon-hall.com/
Writers and researchers.

Certified Reports ~ http://www.certifiedreports.com

~ Certified Field Reporter

Click N Work ~ http://www.clicknwork.com
<STR&#079;NG style="FONT-WEIGHT: 400"> ~ Web Searchers, Information Specialists, Analysts, and Financial positions. [/b]

Cymetrix ~ http://www.hmsintl.com/onsite_rep.asp<STR&#079;NG style="FONT-WEIGHT: 400"> [/b]
<STR&#079;NG style="FONT-WEIGHT: 400"> ~ Patient Account Representatives [/b]

Driver Guide ~ http://www.driverguide.com/hiring.htm
Looking for people to assist in populating and updating our databases of manufacturer and device driver information. Strong knowledge of PC
hardware and experience with device drivers is required. Part time position, work in your spare time.

ETS (Educational Testing Service) ~http://www.ets.org ~ Click on Scoring Opportunities
<ADDRESS> ~ ETS employs raters to evaluate essays online for the programs listed below. Prospective raters are trained to apply scoring criteria and must </ADDRESS>
<ADDRESS>complete a certification test.</ADDRESS>
Fil Can Communications ~ http://www.filcancommunications.biz/career.php
<STR&#079;NG style="FONT-WEIGHT: 400"> ~ Virtual Office Assistant [/b]
Fundraising ~ http://www.1-fundraisers-fundraising-ideas.com
~ Free leads ~ Promote Scratch &amp; Help fundraiser.

Google ~ http://www.google.com/support/jobs/b...y?answer=23509
<ADDRESS> ~ Ads Quality Raters </ADDRESS>
<ADDRESS>This assignment can be located in the USA or Canada.
WorkforceLogic is recruiting part-time telecommuters to help with Quality Evaluation for websites for Google Inc., the search engine company based in </ADDRESS>
<ADDRESS>Mountain View, California. All work will be performed in the U.S. or Canada, and participants must be able to demonstrate legal eligibility to work.
You must be a voracious reader with a broad range of interests and a healthy, robust command of the English language.
Other Requirements: </ADDRESS>
<ADDRESS>A high-speed internet connection. </ADDRESS>
<ADDRESS>Excellent web research skills and analytical abilities. </ADDRESS>
<ADDRESS>Excellent written communication skills. </ADDRESS>
<ADDRESS>Bilingual skills are a plus, as are special areas of knowledge or fields of expertise. </ADDRESS>
<ADDRESS>For immediate consideration, please send a text (ASCII) or HTML version of your resume to temporaryjobs@google.com. </ADDRESS>
<ADDRESS>Important: The subject field of your email must include Ads Quality Rater.</ADDRESS>

Gorge Warehouse ~http://www.gorgewarehouse.com/
~ Data entry, Sales and Customer Service positions.

Grindstone, Inc. ~ http://www.grindstone.com
<STR&#079;NG style="FONT-WEIGHT: 400"> ~ Hire talented professionals with great voices, who are organized and experienced for a variety of positions.[/b]

<ADDRESS>Intrep Inside Sales Outsourcing ~ http://www.intrep.com/I_careers.htm</ADDRESS>
Iverson Language Associates ~ http://www.iversonlang.com
~ Language Translators

Live World ~ http://hr.liveworld.com/forms/empApplicationForm.jsp
<ADDRESS>If you love to chat and love being on the computer, then consider becoming a chat room moderator.</ADDRESS>

Maps ~ http://www.maps.com
~ Cartographers and GIS Technicians ~ Fax resume to 805-685-3330

Mosaic Info Force ~ http://www.mosaic-infoforce.com/careers.html
~ Field Service Reps.

Motion Temps ~ http://www.motiontemps.com/careers.html
<ADDRESS> ~ Motion Temps hire for the following skill sets: writing, editing, proofreading, graphic design, web design, desktop publishing, </ADDRESS>
<ADDRESS>new media and sound office management/project management skills. Fluent-level language skills are always a plus.</ADDRESS>

Mountain West ~ http://www.mountainwestprocessing.com/employment.htm
<STR&#079;NG style="FONT-WEIGHT: 400"> ~ Coders, transcribers, researchers, editors, verification agents, and name developers.[/b]

National Agents Alliance ~ http://www.naastough.com/
~ Insurance sales.

Net Transcripts ~ http://www.nettranscripts.com/nt_employment.htm
~ Hires word processors, bi-lingual word processors, law-enforcement word processors, and machine/voice writers.

NetVocates ~ http://www.netvocates.com
~ Online Communications Manager. Build relationships with bloggers.

Nolo ~ http://www.nolo.com/jobs.cfm
~ Account Rep/ Online Advertising.

Pearson Flexible Scoring ~ http://www.flexiblescoring-act.pearson.com/index.cfm?a=cat&amp;cid=918
~ Score student responses on exams.

Professional Support Services ~ http://www.professionalsupportservice.com/Employment%20Opportunities.htm
Legal Transcriptionist , Corporate Transcriptionist and Proofreaders.

Rancho Park Publishing ~ http://www.ranchopark.com/Translators.html
<STR&#079;NG style="FONT-WEIGHT: 400">Hire translators, Editors, Proofreaders, and Typesetters.[/b]

<ADDRESS>Rowan &amp; Littlefield Publishing Group ~ http://www.rlpgbooks.com/Common/Jobs/FreelancingOpportunities.html</ADDRESS>
<ADDRESS>We publish scholarly works in the humanities and social sciences under our Rowman &amp; Littlefield and Lexington Books imprints, reference and library </ADDRESS>
<ADDRESS>science books under our Scarecrow Press imprint, and serious nonfiction trade books under our Taylor Trade Publishing imprint. To be considered for </ADDRESS>
<ADDRESS>proofreading and copyediting work at RLPG, all freelancers must take our standard tests and have email; proofreaders must be able to print out a book </ADDRESS>
<ADDRESS>length set of page proofs on their printers.</ADDRESS>
<ADDRESS>Please download and complete our proofreading test (manuscript &amp; pageproofs) using The Chicago Manual of Style (15th ed.) and Merriam Websterís </ADDRESS>
<ADDRESS>Collegiate Dictionary (11th ed.) as your references. For the test, please proofread the section of page proofs against the corresponding section of the </ADDRESS>
<ADDRESS>copyedited manuscript for dropped text, formatting, etc. Continue with a "cold" proofread on the page proofs checking for spelling, consistency, and sense. </ADDRESS>
<ADDRESS>Please mark changes clearly in the margins using standard proofreading marks and identify printerís errors as PEs. Queries may be written in the margin or on </ADDRESS>
<ADDRESS>notes affixed to the page. Donít forget to write your name on the test.</ADDRESS>
<ADDRESS>Note: We are accepting very few proofreaders at this time.</ADDRESS>
<ADDRESS>To take the proofreading test you will need Acrobat Reader to download and print it. </ADDRESS>
<ADDRESS>Return the test and your resume to:</ADDRESS>
<ADDRESS>Lynn Weber
Freelancer Coordinator
4501 Forbes Blvd.
Suite 200
Lanham, MD 20706</ADDRESS>
<ADDRESS>Please allow 4-6 weeks for our review. We are unable to provide detailed feedback on your test, but will inform you of your results by email.</ADDRESS>
<ADDRESS>Please download and complete the disk copyediting test (a Microsoft Word 97 file, zipped) using your word processing systemís redlining feature to copyedit </ADDRESS>
<ADDRESS>this text and using the Chicago Manual of Style (15th ed.) and Merriam Websterís Collegiate Dictionary (11th ed.) as your references. You should edit for style, </ADDRESS>
<ADDRESS>consistency, sense, grammar, and spelling. Queries to the author/editor should be boldface, set off by square brackets, and embedded directly into the text; </ADDRESS>
<ADDRESS>do not use the comments feature or highlights in Word. When you are done, e-mail the redlined test, your style sheet, and resume (please zip the files together</ADDRESS>
<ADDRESS>in one zip file) to Lynn Weber. Be sure to include your name on the test.</ADDRESS>
<ADDRESS>Please allow 4Ė6 weeks for our review. We are unable to provide detailed feedback on your test, but will inform you of your results by email.</ADDRESS>
<ADDRESS>We occasionally add new freelance indexers to our existing roster. If you are interested in having your resume on file with us, please send your resume, </ADDRESS>
<ADDRESS>samples, and list of books to:</ADDRESS>
<ADDRESS>Lynn Weber
4501 Forbes Blvd.
Suite 200
Lanham, MD 20706</ADDRESS>
<ADDRESS>Although we cannot respond to resumes because of the volume of indexing resumes we receive, we will keep your information on file and contact you if we have work.</ADDRESS>

SHARE ~ http://www.sharegroup.com/p_pfp.htm
~ Fundraisers

SkyVantage ~ http://www.skyvantage.com/downloads/svc_job_app.pdf
~Home Agents

Sterling Testing Systems ~ http://www.sterlingtesting.com
<STR&#079;NG style="FONT-WEIGHT: 400"> ~ [/b]Perform employment verifications. External Verifiers ~ Contract Verifiers

Strategic Research Network ~ email mlp@sresearch.com
~ Internet Researchers.

SVB Financial Group ~ https://svbank.ats.hrsmart.com/cgi-bin/a/highlightjob.cgi?jobid=1536
<ADDRESS> ~ Relationship Manager ~ Manages assigned client relationships. Underwrites and documents all but the most complex credits. </ADDRESS>
<ADDRESS>Independently contacts clients and prospects. </ADDRESS>

TAD Accounting ~ http://www.tadaccounting.com/careers.html
~ Territory Sales Managers

Technology Sales Resource ~ http://www.web-forms.net/TSR/jobs/
Lead generator.

Virtual Receptionist ~ www.virtual-receptionists.com
~ Virtual Receptionist

VSS CyberOffice ~ http://www.vsscyberoffice.com/03/vbo/jm/publish/index.html#category_55
~ Public Relations

<TABLE id=table3 border=5>
<TD>Medical &amp; Legal Transcription, Translation and Translators </TD></TR></T></TABLE>
Remember to tell them you found their job here at Work at Home Colorado!

101 Translations ~ http://www.101translations.com/jobs/

A Transcription 2000 Services ~ http://www.transcription2000.com

ABC Translation Services, LLC ~ http://www.translationsabc.com/careers.html

Accurate Transcription ~ http://www.accuratetranscription.net/hire.html

Aero Translations ~ http://www.aerotranslations.com/freelance.html
Alphabest ~ http://www.alphabest.com/Careers.html

Applied Medical Services ~ http://www.fastchart.com/sb_sections/sectionmain_career/career_home_transcription.html
Ascend Healthcare Systems ~ http://www.ascendhealthcare.com/employment.htm
ATM Transcription &amp; Court Reporting ~ http://www.arlingtontyping.com
Burns Transcription Service ~ http://www.burnstranscription.com
C &amp; C Transcription ~ http://www.cnctranscription.com/Opportunities.html
Chronicle Transcripts ~ http://www.ctimed.com/careersapp.aspx
Cy Med Medical Records ~ http://www.cymedinc.com/opportunities.html
Cyber Scribes USA ~ http://www.cyberscribesusa.com/jobopenings.htm
Cymetrix ~ Coding Specialists ~ http://www.hmsintl.com/coding_specialists.asp
Cypher Contractors ~ http://www.cyphercontractors.com
Cypher Services, Inc ~ http://www.cypherservicesinc.com
Davis Transcription ~ http://www.davistranscription.com/team.html
Digital Records ~ http://relyondrc.com/careers.html
Diversified Reporting ~ http://www.diversifiedreporting.com/
EFD Transcription ~ http://www.efdtranscription.com
Escriptionist.com ~ http://www.escriptionist.com/employment.htm
Execu Scribe Inc. ~ http://www.execuscribe.com
Focus Infomatics ~ http://www.focusinfomatics.com
GMTS ~ http://www.gmts.com/emp.htm
Health Information Management Consulting and Medical Transcription Services ~ http://www.precysesolutions.com/jobs.htm
Health Scribe ~ http://www.healthscribe.com
House of Translation ~ http://www.houseoftranslation.com/language_specialists.html
Independent Travel Advisor http://www.cruisenetwork.com/home-based.html
Lake Source Medical ~ http://www.lakesourcemedical.com
MedGarde ~ http://www.medgarde.com/transcriptionists.htm
Medical Voice Technology Services ~ http://www.mvts.net/contactus.htm
MediGrafix ~ http://medigrafix.com/employment/
Metro Transcription ~ http://www.metrotranscription.com/ca...ortunities.htm
Morningside Partners ~ News and Financial Transcribers ~ http://www.fdch.com/careers.htm
Moyer Paralegal ~ http://www.moyerparalegal.com/Freelance.html
MT Jobs ~ http://www.mtjobs.com/
Mulberry Studio ~ http://www.mulberrystudio.com/jobs.htm
MX Secure ~ http://www.mxsecure.com
Net Transcripts, Inc ~ http://www.nettranscripts.com
NVTC ~ Translators ~ http://www.nvtc.gov/employment.html
Oracle Transcription ~ http://www.oracleti.com/
Phoenix Medcom ~ http://www.phoenixmedcom.com/requirements.htm
Phoenix Medicom ~ http://www.phoenixmedcom.com/requirements.htm
Physicians Choice Transcription Service ~ http://www.pcts1.com
Preferred Physician's Transcription ~ http://www.preferredtranscription.com/employment.html

Professional Dictation Associates ~ http://www.pdajc.com

Professional Support Services ~ http://www.professionalsupportservic...ortunities.htm
Promed Transcription Services ~ http://www.promedonline.net
Purple Shark ~ http://www.purpleshark.net/pstwork.html
Puyallup Medical Transcription ~ http://pmt-inc.net/employment.htm
Rapid Text ~ http://www.rapidtext.com
Rapid Transcript ~ http://www.rapidtranscript.com/apply.html
RTO Transcription ~ http://www.rtostat.com/transcriptionist_inquiry.htm
Scriptech Transcription ~ http://www.scriptechtranscription.net/careers.htm
Shapin Medical Transcription ~ http://shapinmedtrans.com/employment.php
Soft Script Inc. ~ http://www.softscript.com/careeropportunities.html
Speak Write ~ http://typist.youdictate.com/TypistNav/employment.htm
Spectra Medi ~ http://www.spectramedi.com
Talk 2 Type ~ http://www.talk2type.net./transcriber.html
<a h
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WOW thanks
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Mary, you rock! Thanks for putting the links up.
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