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  • Hi Claire -

    Just thought I'd let you know you can't make a siggy until you have more than 30 posts. I'm sure you'll get there soon -- welcome to the forum!
  • Oh Thank you so much Chrissy.... I am now going to have to get my behind in gear and get posting :0) See you around!
  • Hi, I'm interested in getting some more information. I have submitted a request on the website and was given the name of a sponsor. I'm out of CT and just came across Stella Dot at a function I was at last week, and feel in love with the product.

    Any additional info or advice would be great!
  • Hi Nikki
    Let me know how we can help!! I am happy to do an interview with you to see if this might be a fit... or contact Claire-she is in NJ.



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