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  • Request for Le-Vel Board Section. (Health and Wellness) I am pretty sure we have more than 5 and I believe we have atleast 5 active reps. I will send everyone here to comment to make sure though. If they all comment here is that ok ?
  • That is fine.
  • Yay! Lets do this!
  • Le-Vel Promoter
    Lets do this!
  • Le-Vel Thrive Promoter Here From Atlanta, GA
    We are here and ready for a Le-Vel Board, excited!!
  • I'm here, too! Woot!
  • I'm here and would LOVE to see our own board! THANKS!
  • yes, a Thrive board!!!
    So excited to be a part of this amazing company!! Was with It Works! for almost 4 years, was a double diamond, and completely blind to what that company is actually about.
  • If a few that had posted earlier in this thread can confirm if they are still active on we can get a new forum set up this week.

    Thank you.
  • I'm still here !


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