Question about where to post something

  • I have a question for the mods. I want to post a request for interviews with business owners and employers. The interviews would be conducted on TalkShoe. It's a nice site because the broadcasts can be posted on other sites via a widget later on for anyone to listen to and a great tool for marketing if need be. TalkShoe allows up to 250 chatters in a chat room during a live broadcast which gives chatters a chance to interact.

    My main motivation for this is to get telecommuters in touch with the business owners and employers. So many of us don't know what employers really want or how to make our own business ideas work. A voice put into podcast might reach those who need it.

    Where would I post such a request? I would be starting by late August or early September giving me time to line up weekly shows.
  • If your target audience is telecommuting moms, try the Telecommuting Moms folder:

    Telecommuting Moms - WAHM Forums -

  • tyvm I didn't know if I should post it there or the advertise your stuff spam section.