• I noticed there are many genre specific branches and some industry specific. While my MLM business is a coffee product its not listed under coffee reps. There is also No MLM brand period. I know a lot of people on here do MLM and I was wondering why there wasn't a general MLM branch for people in that business?
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    We'll look into your questions regarding MLM's.

  • Ahh sorry. I don't know anyone on the board really, but I cant imagine with the amount of large MLM salespeople on this sight that I've seen post, there aren't at least five people who would want a general MLM folder. Wouldn't expect one for each company but it would be great if there was an MLM folder where people can discuss general strategies, online marketing tips, signup tips etc.

    Sorry if there was another rule I broke that I was unaware of, still kind've new to the boards.

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  • try the Network Marketing folder or Business Advice folder you can learn a lot of great info from both