Team Building

  • I am excited I have a new Consultant signed up as of the 21st. This is my second one. I originally came into this for some extra income to help offset preschool cost. I am having so much fun with this. The repeat customers are coming in and so are a few of the online orders.

    I have enjoyed not having to shove anything down the throats of others, they either love the products or they don't,, but no hassle.

    This is such a great comapny, I am so glad I started. I just wish I started a year or so ago when I was first looking for a home business income. Man that would have been nice.

    I am doing this slowly, but I am succeeding so far and my hubby has commented on how easy it seems to have been so far. During my medical leave from my full time job, I was able to still work Scentsy and have some extra money fro us to fill our gas tanks, it was really nice not having to stress over the time off from work.

    I hope everyone else is loving it, I know you ladies on here do. So if anyone else is looking ipnto Scentsy, I say go for it!!!
  • Wonderful to hear Jayme! I know most of us feel the same! Heck.. when I joined 2 years ago I wasn't even looking for a home business, I just knew I had to share the products with my mommy friends because of how safe our candles are around children. =-)
  • Congratulations! Doesn't that just feel soooooo good! Today I took the time to go our back office and hear past weekly trainings. I heard the one on "recruiting"...and though I do have a downline, I now see this so much clearer! When we talk about Scentsy we might seem we are bothering people by offering the business opportunity, but its all about sharing and blessing people with Scentsy! I have a new mindset after hearing this training!!! So many great tips also on "recruiting". If you haven't heard it, I highly suggest you do!
  • Do you have an upcoming conference?

    I have a friend who is considering signing up with your company? She has actually narrowed it down to two companies. If possible she wants to start off her venture by attending a conference. Do you have one coming up? If so...could you share the dates, place, cost, and what it includes, etc? Does your company offer trip incentives?

  • We have a convention --but that is for current for meeting someone to learn about the company she is probably better off finding someone close to her to visit with. And yes they do have trips--this year gals I know were in Hawaii. I have only been with them about 9 mths so still learning myself.
  • convention

    She knows she has to become a rep first...waiting on her packet and hasn't gotten a response from her potential upline...

    Any details on convention anyone car share?
  • Convention is still open to new Consultants. They would need to contact the events team when they are signed up and decide that they want to go. It is $150 to register and it is July 28-30th. in Denver, CO.

    Once your friend signs up, she can go to the events page for further details....
  • That's awesome! The thing I like best is that you can work at your own pace. I had someone sign up the other day who lives in Colorado (I live in Texas). She found my website! I'm really excited becasue I really want to try to grow business and build a team working with out-of-state consultants.