New Stuff

  • I'm loving the addition of weekly specials ... So far they've been picking my favorites. I'm sad summer is coming to an end! For many I know the kids are back to school... We still have a few more weekends before that here!
  • AUGH! I know!! And in addition to the Weekly Specials (this week is hot dogs - how apropos for Labor Day cookouts!) we now (as of today) have two more new products!

    Cocktail Franks - These All Beef Miniature Franks are wrapped in a delicious and buttery puff pastry.


    All Natural Thin Chicken Breast Cutlet - Hand-pounded to the perfect thickness. Hormone, antibiotic, and steroid free. Perfect for your favorite Parmesan, Piccata or Marsala recipe.

    Yummmm!! Keep those additions coming, RD! We're lovin' it!!
  • I'm happy they have added the weekly specials, that's great. I'm so excited about some of our newest foods that we can't wait to try, I'm sure it will be just as awesome as everything else we have tried from Rastelli Direct. We recently had the new cheesecake, now that was amazing

  • More new stuff!! The kitchen ready Bourbon Glazed Salmon with brown rice and the Teryaki Shrimp with Jasmine rice.. I can not wait to try those!
  • Wow, that's cool, I'll have to go check it out
    Thank you, that's awesome.
  • Teresa I love your signature and your icon!!
  • Quote: Teresa I love your signature and your icon!!
    Thank you