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JessicaJean 09-22-2010 12:41 PM

I like going to the store, but if it means I'll get a better deal if I get it online, then I'll definitely shop that way.


beautyandbrains 09-28-2010 12:20 AM

I would definitely love to shop online more. It's way more convenient than having to tote my kid along to an overcrowded, super noisy Walmart, just to save a few bucks on essentials.

sueavi 10-02-2010 01:45 PM

I like shopping online for most things but when it comes to clothes shopping I need to go to the store because I like to try on the clothes.

happymommy 10-02-2010 01:56 PM

If I'm shopping for pants or shoes for myself (in styles I've never worn before) I have to go to the store. Most other things I prefer getting online for the sake of time and I usually am able to get really good deals.

lyndas9254 10-10-2010 01:29 PM

I myself prefer shopping online. It is convenient, easy to do, and I don't have to hassle with all the people at the malls.


SusanCody 10-12-2010 06:56 AM

I prefer the ease of online but sometimes I like to try stuff on and take it home straight away (instant gratification!) and in general, then I have no need to do the annoying 'return' thing.

cward3 10-14-2010 06:41 PM

When it comes to clothes - I definitely prefer going to the store. I love to shop online but only for things I'm not personally attached to! When it comes to clothes - I want to take it home with me now! I guess I'm still like a kid that wants to wear their new shoes out of the shoe store they were just purchased at.

Reagansky 11-23-2010 11:01 AM

I think I like them both the same. I used to prefer online shopping and sometime still do because I can usually see how the clothes fit on a live person. However, sometimes the images online can be deceiving amd once you see the same garment in the stores you see the detail more clearly and sometimes the quality is not as good as expected. However the website that have zoom qualities can help with this.

If the websites shipping is too expensive (like Topshop.com) or they do not provide return labels, I am usually more apprehensive to shop there and try to see if I can find it in the store, or have it shipped to the store first.

I like the exclusivity of online shopping, but usually try to only utilize it for businesses that don't have brick and mortar stores and overseas shopping.

sherryw76 11-23-2010 03:47 PM

I try to shop local as much as possible. I will shop online if I can't find something here (usually books) or if I can find a great deal, but for most things the shipping is too expensive, if they ship to us at all (some places don't ship to Hawaii or won't ship to P.O. Boxes), and it is better just to buy at the store.

leasadler 11-24-2010 09:22 AM

There are a few things that are easier to shop for, intially, at the store. Things like shoes and clothing, for example. But because I always seem to find such a better price online, and if I don't need the item immediately, I might SHOP locally to try things on and determine my size, then go in search of that exact item online.

Of course, Zappos makes it so easy to do returns, you don't really have have to pre-shop in the stores, because they offer free return shipping! Last year when we had a massive snow storm, the stores were 100 percent out of snow boots--and my nine-year-old had none that fit him. (Neither did I, for that matter.) So I jumped online and ordered two pairs of boots for my son--one in each of two likely sizes. They had a deal for free overnight shipping, so the order reached me the next day! I sent the pair back that didn't fit (free return shipping), and low and behold, I had the perfect books for my son the day after the snowstorm hit. Schools were closed that entire week, and it was nearly impossible to get out of the driveway, so I was super-happy that I had figured the whole snow-boots thing out.

This being said--I still enjoy the holiday shopping experience in the stores FOR A BREIF TIME--and assuming I'm not depending on the visit to the store to accomplish a lot of my shopping. (As I find in-store shopping much less efficient.

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