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  • Hello all and thanks in advance for any information. I'm a mom of 2 little ones, so my time put into working would be about 5 hours a week at night for now. I went to a few Lia Sophia shows in the past few months and really thinking of becoming a consultant. I was also thinking of Traveling Vineyard, anyone have experience with them?
  • There are many Lia Sophia reps here who can give you input, and there are other jewelry companies you may also want to consider, especially if Lia Sophia already has a good hold in your area.

    I haven't tried or heard of Traveling Vineyard.

    5 hours a week is usually enough for 2 parties, and 2 parties a week is usually a nice and profitable business, no matter the company!

    Best wishes as you search for the right business for you!
  • I haven't heard of traveling Vineyard. My advice is to go with a company whose product you love. If you don't love it, its not gonna be easy to sell. I think being excited about a product or company is the key.
  • Stopping in to wish you luck on your new business.
  • I think being able to sell something comes natural if it's something you love yourself. I just started with another company about three weeks ago and am finding it's easy to do because I love the concept so much. It's also jewelry but not one you mentioned. There are lots of options out there! Good luck!
  • If you like Lindt Chocolate, let me know
    So sorry - this was a duplicate post. My fat fingers hit the wrong key.
  • Best of luck with your decision! You definitely came to the right place to learn about opportunities and to see what companies are out there, in addition to the two you mentioned. The people here are great!
  • Good Luck in search, I like South Hill Design!
  • I agree. Now that you know there are lots of opportunities in this type of industry, do you some looking and find what you love, what you think would sell well in your area, and what would appeal to others.

    Once you settle on it, find a sponsor that you connect with. it is important to have a good fit with your sponsor so she knows that her job is to support you. She doesn't have to know everything, she just needs to be willing to support you and find out.

    Also ask what kind of resources are available to you for training and connecting with other consultants (meetings, calls, etc.)

    HTH! Good Luck on your search!

  • Best of luck to you! I second what the others have said ... it works the best when you love your products! Then you're not "selling" you're sharing and that can make all the difference.

    Let us know what you choose!