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cabimom 11-13-2020 08:40 AM

Still here!
We’re still here sharing our safe, organic personal care products one blue bottle at a time!

femmerang 12-30-2020 04:21 AM

That's amazing , this year has been very difficult and it's good to see people trying hard to help each other. Blessings :)

mercyqueen 12-30-2020 12:56 PM

That's great, I've seen a lot of businesses close down due to the pandemic. I'm glad that you are still here.

cabimom 01-12-2021 07:14 AM

I think the success of NYR Organic is due to the fact that you can do the business completely online. We have great samples available to us and great training for virtual events. Plus, I think people in general are trying to take better care of themselves and want clean, safe products for their families. Neal’s Yard Remedies, our mother ship in London, England celebrates 40 years in business this year- very exciting! They keep us well supplied and well trained here at NYR Organics US.

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