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anjanette.morton 12-07-2015 04:03 AM

Calling All Sarasota, FL Pizza Lovers!
Monthly LUNCH and DINNER shops are yours for the savoring…

Housemade dough and fresh, artisanal ingredients are oven-fired to crisp and delectable perfection in only 180 Seconds! Yes, gourmet pizza in three minutes!

The $18.00 reimbursement will cover a pizza, a salad and a drink.

If you are new to A Closer Look, please visit A Closer Look Mystery Shopping Company and sign up to become a shopper. Be prepared to take a short test and submit a writing sample from a recent dining experience. Please put my name (Anjanette) in the box that says, “How You Heard About Us.” This will speed up your application. Then, be sure to email me at [email protected] so we can get you scheduled for a shop.

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