any other Mialisia Designers here?

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  • I just PMed you HomeBizHope. it is a very exciting jewelry line, hope you like it as much as we do.
  • So happy to see our little group on here growing. How many of you mama's will be working Mialisia full time? How do you manage work at home with kiddos? I have 2 girls ages 10 and almost 1 yr... With another on the way in November! I'm gonna have to work on my time management skills.. any of you have some advice for me?
  • I have 3 kids 12,3 and 7 weeks its hard I fit business in anywhere I can
  • What are the hostess benefits? Also how do you earn money? Is it upfront or reimbursed by the company? Do you process credit cards?
  • I thought of another question.....What are the requirements to be an active consultant?
  • HI. We do have some great hostess benefits. right now hostess get a $30 credit plus the additional rewards based on party totals. I have a pdf file of our benefits and will send it over to you.

    we get paid a 35% commission twice a month on our sales and monthly on our bonuses you can do a check or have it loaded on to a pre paid card of sorts... You can also buy the product and sell it as "cash and carry" at parties and events. We do not process credit cards unless we are at events or parties and the company will process them on our website for no additional fees. There is a monthly website fee of $7.95 I believe.

    to remain active your quota is $500 annually.

    Look for a PM from me with more info. hope this helps!

  • Hey everyone!! I'm a Mialisia rep as well in the Long Island, NY area. Who is really exciting for a new catalog soon?!!??
  • Just doing some research on jewelry companies and i have to ask....what happened to this one? :/
  • Mialisia became a part of Youngevity almost two years ago. They are still around, just branded under Youngevity. Same thing with South Hill Designs.