Looking for low start up biz

  • send to me by private email only at [email protected]

    looking for a way to make some extra money from home using my computer and company website for direct sales and delivery of items

    not interested in strictly party plans but a way I can use a website and catalogs and word of mouth and face to face to promote products

    love animals, cooking, home décor and kitchen items
  • Maybe affiliate programs would be a way to monetize? There are many affiliate programs out there. Just to name one, Amazon has an affiliate program and they sell animal/pet products, cooking, home décor and kitchen items.
  • danasurvey said it right check out affiliate programs..... Or there is many Network Marketing opportunities that fit your interests. Good luck in your search....
  • The business that I have has a very low start up cost . My website is in my signature line
  • Hello. I believe we have met before If you would like to talk about what I do in further detail, please email me. I wish you the best in finding the biz that works for you!