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  • First off, let me say hi, and give a bit of the background 411. I'm an "Air Force Brat," born at Vandenberg Air Force Base. With my joining the Navy, we covered "the main 4" military branches...I had an uncle in the Merchant Marines, but don't think anyone was in the Coast Guard...Fast Forward to today!

    I recently moved into SoCal, to reconnect with family; mainly my cousin and her fiancee, and my aunt, and have been here a few months. It's different from Florida, where I spent the last 6 years, but I like being different! Want to start networking with locals, and then, expand out.

    So, what I've started to do is work with a company called Greenbacks 4 Gold. What I want to do is to network with others throughout SoCal, as my subject says. The main thing they do is help host "gold parties." The basics are:

    - Free refreshments are provided for your event--party plans, business lunches, etc--which can be a nice draw, offering free food.
    - To get this, you have guests bring in any broken or unwanted gold, platinum, or diamonds...unless it's a lot of silver, then we tend not to buy it.
    - They get money for this, with a 111% price match guarantee, and besides getting money for any gold you have, you get a commission as co-host.
    - If you are looking at doing any sort of fund-raising, people can donate their items, and we can put the money to the cause, plus a commission in addition to the total amount donated.

    There is also the mail order side, which can be used at hock, or for the fund-raising, for the stay at homers.

    If you're interested in networking, cross-promoting, fund-raising, or anything else, please send me a PM!
  • Welcome to the forum. You will love it on here. Great for connecting with others with similar goals and sharing ideas!!

  • Welcome to the board ~Amy
  • Welcome to the forum!! There are so many great opportunities here don't hesitate to ask questions!
  • Welcome to the Forum!

  • Hi and welcome,
    This is a great place to network.
    Hope you enjoy your stay.
    Wishing you the best with your venture,

  • Welcome to WAHM
  • Hello
    Hi and A Big Warm Welcome
  • Hi and welcome to Wahm!
  • Welcome!
    I am new also and would love to network!
    I have some ideas for you and your parties...
    I am doing something entirely different, but love sharing ideas..

    Still learning how all of this works~


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