Who audits the auditors?

  • I started with Humanatic yesterday. Everything went well. Accuracy was 100% and was making good progress towards the higher paying categories.

    Today has been a disaster!!!!!!!!! When I first logged in I had a penalty. I disputed it. I eventually got a response that my dispute was correct, but I should have check "not connected" and they would remove penalty and restore earnings anyway. I checked and I had checked "not connected" in the first place.

    Today I have had 7 calls I've been penalized for even though the audit is showing that my choice was the same as the auditor. My accuracy is now so low I can't work any more calls!

    I've disputed all of them, but so far have not heard back or had earnings restored. I've also emailed support about this a couple of times. The last time with an example that was completely ridiculous. I've yet to hear back. If this continues tomorrow, I'm done!
  • Things went a little better the next day and most of my earnings were restored. It's still ridiculous though.

    I've had several instances where I get a call and tag it a way that makes sense and I get penalized. I dispute and am told that it should be tagged a different way and the penalty stands. Then I'll get a call with the exact same situation and tag it the way I was previously told and get penalized for that and told that I should have tagged it the first way I was penalized for!!!

    There are many times I was penalized for ridiculous things that anyone with common sense who listened to the entire context of the call would tag the same way. Tonight I had one that was totally ridiculous. For some reason the auditor has decided that someone calling to follow up on something they ordered was somehow an opportunity for new business.

    It's not as bad as when I originally posted and I've made a little money, but it's really not worth it. Especially considering that you actually have money deducted for other people's idiocy. I'm not too keen on the idea of having to actually pay them twice what I would have made when I made a mistake, but having to pay them that for other people's mistakes too!
  • Sorry it didn't work out so well for you. Keep looking and you'll find something better.
  • I am an auditor and I have asked Humanatic a million times why nobody ever responds to me after I penalize or restore earnings. I also got my hand slapped because if the overview doesn't make sense, I give everyone back their money LOL. They say we are monitored, but I highly doubt that since most of the auditor's are morons.
  • Ridiculous
    This is my first day its dead on my normal hits, thought I would try something new. So far its a waste of time.

    I am trying to be patient as with all new mass work I assume as you go you learn how to work it regardless of right or not. But most of the calls (like 99.9%) I have been audited for are ridiculous.

    It's clear that the other people are A. Intentionally answering wrong, B not really listening, or C. colossally stupid.

    What is the point of filling out a dispute if no gives a ca*p about facts? I get interrupted every 5 mins to prove that other people aren't listening. I don't see how they manage to keep clients with allowing such shoddy work.

    Doubt my patience for this is going to last very long.
  • Sounds tough
    This sounds really complicated