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Old 05-31-2016, 01:09 PM
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Default Stress

Hello! I am a work at home mom. I have kept my work at home job even though it doesn't pay much to be home with my amazing 19 month old. However,it's a sort of piece work and I can't seem to keep it from stressing me out terribly. It takes up all my free time because I only work when my child is sleeping. My boy is becoming more difficult (not sleeping through the night anymore, completely ignoring me when he used to listen amazingly).I know it's okay and he's just going through a learning process, but I'm feeling overwhelmed. My work goes in one week cycles (I have one week to finish everything they send home with me) and I can't seem to relax about it even though I'm never short on time to finish it. I just want to be here to be patient for my baby and help him learn and grow, but I find myself getting angry with the stress and yelling. I don't want to yell. Does anyone have any advice for de-stressing and regrouping with no free time? Also I live in the middle of nowhere with no friends in the area. My husband is wonderful and caring,but lazy and not that helpful and please don't say he has to do more because I've tried every way I know and he can't be convinced to get off the couch when he's home. How do you do it? I just feel like I'm in such an angry place.. (not violent in any way though! Just short tempered and exhausted)
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Old 05-31-2016, 01:57 PM
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Babies and toddlers can be a handful. Hopefully as your son gets a bit older, he'll start sleeping better. It does sound like you are stressed and I am sorry your husband is not helping out more. Exercise can be a good way to de-stress, even if you can only fit it in here and there. Maybe go for a nice long walk with your son in the carriage or something like that?

Hope things calm down for you.
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Old 05-31-2016, 10:34 PM
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Please clicThanks so much!! That makes perfect sense to me. I'm still waiting for them to let me about when the training will begin. I look forward to giving it my all. The pay is great!!k one of the Quick Reply icons in the posts above to activate Quick Reply.
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Old 06-01-2016, 02:39 AM
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your stress is permanent, but you need a day off. Without baby and your husband. Take one day off and spend it as you wish ( you can give your baby to your mom)
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Old 06-10-2016, 06:47 PM
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It will get easier in time but 19 months is a hard age in general. They are curious, want attention and you can't be the only one to give it to him. I know you said you have tried to get your husband to be more help but honestly you need to have a heart to heart with him. Maybe he really does not realize how this is weighing on you. Don't start with " YOU never, YOU could" talk about you, I could really use a break for 30 minutes, please play with our child and I will be back shortly.

Is your job actually benefiting you? Can you get by without it? Sometimes in the end it's not worth it. I think you need to carve an hour a day out to yourself. After dinner, tell your hubs you're taking a "me break" and he can be the parent to the child. I don't like saying babysitter because he's a parent, that is what you do. You can not be an effective mom, wife, worker if you're over stressed and overwhelmed. If you can get just 30 minutes a day, or every other day, do something for you, even if it just going outside and walking down the road and reading a book, alone.
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Old 06-11-2016, 05:34 PM
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Hey there, whats your current profession? I'm wondering if you can start with a small Fiverr gig selling at your own speed and gradually transition from the more time consuming job. I may have a few more ideas once I find out what you do but hang in there. My husband is very unsupportative of anything that he feels takes me away from important family time. I have asked him to support through another year as I transition to working from home full time but a few times a month he forgets our agreement. Not much we can do about them. Just write time into your schedule for him and the kids. Big hugs.

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Old 06-14-2016, 01:34 AM
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Default Stress

I understand your point, I'm also a mom and its been tough to handle all those task of yours and home task plus your family. I think, you have just to rearrange your schedule. You must set a day with yourself and with your family. Try to balance everything and reward yourself once in awhile to relieve stress. Take it easy and I'm sure everything will be fine.
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Old 10-29-2017, 09:03 PM
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Oh it is hard when they are little. I have a 4 year old with autism that gives me a run for my money since he doesn't sleep much either, and I have a full time work at home job. Then I have a 20 year old daughter who had cancer and now has a J tube for feeding and other things from the effects of her cancer. It will get easier the older he gets. Take a breath and a take a break when you need it momma.
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Old 11-19-2017, 12:23 AM
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Default I can relate...

I've definitely been where you are hun, and there are some days I still find myself there.
Luckily for you, you have a hubby, I'm doing the single mom thing.
When hubby is off from work, try and see if you can get a nice window of about 2-4hrs just to yourself. Quiet time, time to regroup and just be you---no one's mom,
or wife...Cater to your mental health.
Originally Posted by Foreverinlove View Post
I just feel like I'm in such an angry place.. (not violent in any way though! Just short tempered and exhausted)
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Old 01-14-2018, 03:55 PM
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If I could offer some advice from a male perspective, I was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea as I got older, which lead me to being more tired and irritable, which I can see and hate it. I've done numerous sleep studies and it's definitely changed who I am for the better, I have more energy and more motivated and nicer person. Just a thought that might be something to look into...
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