The Big Announcement is here!

  • Introducing...

    Online Gold Canyon parties are *NOW AVAILABLE!*

    Who should use Party Online ordering?

    Everyone! Here are a couple of examples of how this program can maximize your Host Rewards and Commissions:

    1. When your Hosts have a number of guests who canít make it to their home party, but still want to place an order. They can be sent an invitation to to shop online with a unique Party Online Code! Their orders will count toward the party sales, help BOOST their Host Rewards and an added *BONUS* is they can have their orders shipped ANYWHERE in the US or Canada!

    2. Or perhaps your Hosts want to do a party with their office coworkers, but don't have time to host a traditional home Party. You or your hosts can then send out a Party Online invitation and their guests can shop strictly online! Their orders will be added to their Party order using their unique Party Online Code!

    I am so THANKFUL to have this option available! =) Have a wonderful day everyone and don't forget to SHARE this option with all your pasts hosts/guests!
  • That's a very exciting addition to your company! Congrats! I know I really love this feature with Scentsy an it truly does increase sales! Especially with the use of Facebook online parties are a big hit! I'm happy for all of you Gold Canyon ladies!
  • Thank you!!
    We are so excited! There have been so many updates in the last year, and this was one that was HIGHLY ANTICIPATED! Many of us have already been doing online parties, but this will make it MUCH EASIER ON US! Thanks again!
  • Yay!!!
    LOVE this new feature!!! I already have two online parties going!!! Yay!!! We have such a greater earning potential now!!!


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