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AldenteVonTino 04-12-2014 01:22 PM

The Poetry Corner
I know I surely can't be,
All alone with a vocabulary.
So show what ya got,
Y'all are now on the spot!
(I just made this one up 1-2-3!)

AldenteVonTino 04-17-2014 07:09 PM

Two-hundred views,
Wowz! How neet!
Now here's the news:
Poetry is sweet!

jdburgeson 04-23-2014 07:16 PM

Wow! I would like to play
But I don’t know what to say.
A poet I’d like to be
So, Here I go. We’ll see.

This sites such a blast
I am catching on fast
I think this is fun
But now I am done.

Now it’s the husband’s turn
Ya’ll, watch and learn
You like to rhyme?
Just give me some time.

I’ll bust out a jingle
Sitting back with my Pringle.
Wait! Writing’s taboo
I have other things to do!

starbirdy66 07-31-2016 06:08 PM

Rhyming is nice
Unless you're crunching on ice

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