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Old 01-13-2017, 12:44 AM
Registered WAHM
Join Date: Dec 2016
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Yoga and pilates are good if you can stand static training exercises. Google and try if this is ok for you. I personally do 20 min step aerobics four times a week. Sometimes I use weights when stepping. For this you'll need a step platform. It's cool and effective to tone up your muscles and cardio system.
Good luck!
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Old 01-13-2017, 02:22 AM
Registered WAHM
Join Date: Jan 2017
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i suggest to look for video workout lessons on youtube
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Old 02-08-2017, 02:30 AM
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I enjoy doing a work out with Joanna Soh. They are usually simple exercises and have super help me tone up. Although my partner always dies of laughter when he catches me in the living room early in the morning on the weekends...hahaha. You might want to have a look at Joanna!
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Old 03-29-2017, 07:31 PM
WAHM Regular
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Do planks for your core workouts. Sit ups and leg raises damage your back whereas planks workout your entire body without any damages.
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Old 05-02-2017, 11:52 AM
Registered WAHM
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Location: New York City
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Yoga! All you need is a yoga mat and search Beginner Yoga tutorials on YouTube.
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Old 05-09-2017, 08:23 PM
Daily Transcription's Avatar
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Default Who doesn't hate to exercise

For years I put myself through agony from one exercise routine to the next.

All it really takes is a few minutes a day and to work your abs.

The abs are our core fat-burning machine.

When I lost a great amount of weight it was from doing Yoga and Pilates that works directly on my core.

Now you have exercise gurus telling us it is better to work very little with quality and it is true.

I have a 10 minute a day exercise video that works my abs with lunges and such using my little dumbells. I love it. (Fit In 10)

The Tabata routine is great too and you can construct it to suit you. The main goal is to exercise intensely for about 30 seconds then rest for 30. Making sure you select exercises that work on your core muscle the abs. For a total of about 4-5 minutes.

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Old 05-10-2017, 01:01 AM
WAHM Regular
Join Date: Apr 2017
Posts: 17

I realize this post is a little old, but I wanted to contribute nonetheless:-). I am the "queen" of short, at-home workouts, lol. I do mostly all of what I like to call "functional" exercises where you do NOT need a gym! I did spend about $50 in Walmart weights and kettlebells to supplement, but that sure beats a whole year of a gym membership! Anyway,
I do exercises non-stop, from one straight to the next, to significantly decrease my workout time. It's not grueling stuff, you just keep moving from one to the next which A)keeps your heart rate up so if you despise cardio like me you can skip it most times; and, B)you get done in minutes! Literally! And my daughter thinks it's fun to "workout" with me at 5yo and since I'm not doing it very long she can keep distracted with that so I can finish (I even bought her some very light kettlebells to call her own. And it's a great influence on her to know Mommy works out and wants to stay healthy!-- I ALWAYS make sure to never talk about my "weight" with her, it's 100% only for becoming "healthy":-)

Anyway, I just do some basic chest presses with 15-25lb wts, and other very simple exercises like shoulder presses, pushups (you can start with literally a few a day and will be amazed at how quickly you'll be doing many more!), ALWAYS work the core in between to avoid any "breaks", to keep moving, like abs! Don't so them after pushups ,pushups actually work the core so they don't mix well!

I'm not a big girl, but when I add even 10-15 min of this to a decent diet I drastically increase my goals of losing weight and toning. It really doesn't take much to tone up, look good, feel good, If you're eating healthy. Granted, we're all different and it's harder for some than others, but when it comes down to it, it's mostly about the total caloric intake each day. You just can't physically maintain an overweight figure without feeding it too many calories!

Anyway, walk up and down the steps a few times with weights or anything a little heavy (detergent, dog food bag, whatever) which works the butt and legs. Do squats and lunges with just your own body weight. Do jumping jacks (another great way to avoid my dreaded typical cardio, lol). With just a few light weights you can tone the arms and body with curls, shoulder presses, chest presses,
squats, lunges, whatever. If you're "moving" and lifting a bit, you will tone up. Form isn't as important if you're sticking to light weights. Otherwise, watch some YouTube videos to make sure you're doing them correctly!

Oh, and walking is so underrated as well. Just add some hills to break a little sweat and keep the heart rate up a bit. You can walk around the house while the kids are watching TV, sleeping, etc. even!

Hope it's going well!

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Old 05-16-2017, 05:41 AM
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Search 7-10 minute exercises on YouTube. There's a lot of free videos on there to help you tone up. Some require a set of weights but you can pick them up pretty cheap.
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Old 07-11-2017, 11:16 AM
WAHM Regular
Join Date: Jan 2010
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Default Total Gym

Great little product, i was skeptical at first but now i can't live without it

Go look on Craigs if you don't want to buy brand new

If you do, make sure to play the "Oh, i think i don't need it" game with the rep when your trial is over

They'll start dropping the price

I got mine down to $399 brand new, the price started out at like $800
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Old 07-12-2017, 06:43 AM
WAHM Regular
Join Date: Jul 2017
Posts: 16

these are all great suggestions!
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