• Do any of you juice? Do you have recommendations on a really good juicer? I'm looking at the Jack LaLanne one and VitaMix.

  • Actually Montel Williams has the HealthMaster mixer and it looks pretty awesome. Falls somewhere between Jack Lalanne and the Vitamix,


  • Thank you! I didn't know about that one...I'll be sure to check it out, too.
  • I adore all kinds of juices, but recently my doctor told me that it's bad for our health to drink them.The thing is each glass of it contains the week ammount of sugar, that immediately comes to our body , so you'd better eat fresh fruits,then the sugar will absorb slower
  • The jack lalanne is a great juicer. I've owned two juicers and the first didn't clean up too well. After it finally died I purchased the JL juicer and it's been super.
  • The Jack LaLanne Juicer is great and is so easy to use. I usually make juices when I have fruit that is going bad, because at least nothing goes to waste.