Enrolling New O2 Members Just Got Easier For You!

  • You're Gonna LOVE This...

    Just when you think things can't get any better, here's what I learned.

    Most of us thought that when someone opted into the lead capture page (lucbuilder) from our new turnkey marketing system... They would then be redirected to our new system's sales funnel page, and thereafter encouraged to enroll as a free O2 Worldwide member.

    Well, WE WERE WRONG.

    When someone opts in from your lead capture page by submitting their name and email address, They Will Be Enrolling As A Free Personally Sponsored Member on your team RIGHT THEN!!!

    The system will 'automatically' assign them a temporary username and password, and they will IMMEDIATELY become a new personal member on your O2 team!!

    They will already have a free retail site - o2drops.com - and a free O2 corporate opportunity site - o2ww.com - So your new team members can actually start earning retail customer commissions IMMEDIATELY.

    What this decision by O2 Corporate really does is, it puts YOU in a much stronger position on all fronts.

    You gotta love this company and how it has leveled the playing field for us all, even brand new people can do well.

    Have a prosperous week!
  • Amazing things going on with 02 Worldwide!
  • Quote: Amazing things going on with 02 Worldwide!
    Yes! Yes! Yes! Victoria

  • This really has got to be a no brainer.. especially with the product. I mean who doesn't need stabilized oxygen??


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