Recruiting Techniques

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  • Can anyone give me some pointers?
  • Start with your warm market (your friends and family). Try joining different sites/forums to put the word out. Try posting on all free ad sites and/or utilise the social media platform. Hope this helps
  • Find other sites, forums, groups, social media, etc. where people might share an interest. Don't spam. Contribute to the discussions. Include a link to your site when appropriate and where it is allowed.
  • Great points listed above! Be yourself & share your heart.
  • ideas
    Always have your brochures or catalogs with you. I have started adding little stickers to mine that say different things like "how would an extra $500 a month help you" and "You would rock our team!". That way it grabs their attention and see read the recruiting info .
  • What an awesome idea, Patti! I'll have to do that. Where do you get the stickers?
  • Stickers
    Quote: What an awesome idea, Patti! I'll have to do that. Where do you get the stickers?
    I has fallen in love with You can also make your own
  • Thanks! I have not heard of them, but the website looks intriguing. Excuse me now while I go shopping.
  • Quote: Can anyone give me some pointers?

    Have you consider recruiting online? Why not give it a shot. Build a capture page and from there, you can post videos, articles and then you can start building your list. It's almost like generating your own leads.
  • Blogs, writing guest articles. Facebook, Instagram, Google+ , Blogger, message boards, flyers, ask local businesses if you can leave business cards, Youtube, Join your local Chamber of Commerce, sponsor sports teams, Leave a business card in credit card slots (example: the gas pump), Go to local events and festivals: if not as a vendor then to market and network with others.

    Always brand yourself and your vehicle. I have decals on my vehicle and business shirts with websites on me and my husband. With business cards, brochures and samples in hand.