How do you keep all your Usernames & Passwords Straight?

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  • I belong to so many different things that require a username and password -- I know it's for my protection but It just gets tiring after awhile --- and then I go to something I haven't logged into for awhile and think... Now what was my username? password? ughhh

    So today I purchased a cute little notebook and plan to write down all my usernames and passwords in the notebook to help me keep track -- and I thought it might also be good for if my husband needs to get into one of my accounts too

    How do you keep track of your usernames & passwords -- anyone have a good system/tip?
  • I try to make them all the same although there are some sites out there that require more characters than others. In that case I would make a spreadsheet and put them all there.
  • Quote: I try to make them all the same although there are some sites out there that require more characters than others. In that case I would make a spreadsheet and put them all there.
    Good Advice -- I do have some that are the same -- but I like to switch my password up and some sites now require you to make a new password every 30 days or whatever amount of time they come up with...
    That new rule really bothers me, just when the password starts to become 2nd nature to me, I have to change it...... I know it helps protect us, I should be glad sites are taking measures to keep our info safe
  • I save everything on MS word. If it's something with confidential info then I save it on my phone (which is password protected).
  • I wouldn't trust keeping important info in a notebook. if you lose it, somebody will be able to access all your stuff. Save it in your phone and protect it with a password.
  • I had the same problem . Now I too keep my passwords in a notebook, it stays in a draw near the computer until I need it. Storing the passwords on the phone is a great idea. Thank you for sharing
  • I plan to keep my notebook in my office as well in a secret spot I can usually remember my usernames/passwords but if I need them I'll be able to access them quick...

    Another question for you -- My daughters are getting older and my oldest has email and facebook -- I required she be my friend and let me know her password, she had no objections, she's a good girl, but I just want to keep watch over her ... What is your policy for your kids?
  • Oh boy, all the way (I upgraded to have it on my iPhone too)! You don't want to save your passwords in a book or on your computer. One of my clients is a Wordpress Security expert and boy have I learned a lot. And lately with all the hackings and breaches ALL over the Internet, you want to keep this stuff SAFE.

    And some quick tips:

    Don't ever use the same password twice (I am still working on changing all of mine, I have a ton).

    And all passwords should have at least 10-18 characters including things like @# Some places only accept letters/numbers so for those it won't work but otherwise either have Lastpass generate a secure one for you or you do your own with letters, numbers and symbols.

    One last thing...don't save them in Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.

    Stay safe on the net because believe me you do not want to experience a hacking. And the moment you think it won't happen to you, it will

    P.S. Two of my very good friends/clients have lost in excess of $70,000+ due to such hackings.
  • Thanks for the advice - Just want to lastpass and I'll be looking into them more
  • Like Angie, I use a password program that generates, stores, and encrypts all my passwords (not the same one she uses, but very similar I'm sure). Couldn't live without it.