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View Full Version : Rabbit or Turtle?

06-19-2018, 07:30 PM
So the kids here want to have a pet. Since the space is a bit small, we discourage them from getting puppies. They're suggesting to get a rabbit or turtle instead. So if you were to choose, which of these two will you prefer and why? Thanks.

06-21-2018, 03:02 PM
I had a turtle and they are more difficult to care for. In my opinion

07-17-2018, 05:00 AM
I had a turtle and they are more difficult to care for. In my opinion

Hi. Thanks for your opinion. What made you say that they are difficult to care for? Just curious :D

08-31-2018, 05:02 AM
My dauther have rabbit.

09-19-2018, 07:52 AM
I would suggest either fish or water turtles. It is not hard to keep up with a big fish tank or a big Turtle tank. I have a large fish tank, and it only requires a little maintenance every week to keep it looking nice. In my opinion Rabbits would smell up your house.

11-14-2018, 06:16 AM
I think that rabbits need a lot of space or a large cage. They all gnaw and can ruin the furniture. I choose a turtle

Amelie Swift
01-09-2019, 06:27 AM
As for me, the turtle is more suitable, since it does not need a lot of space and also does not require special care, unlike the rabbit. For a rabbit, you need a lot of space, and they also like to gnaw the wires and they have a specific smell.

01-11-2019, 11:52 PM
I have also rabbit pair. These are very beautiful.

01-13-2019, 03:48 PM
turtles are fairly simple to maintain, but for turtles need a spacious terrarium with special lamps in it. Rabbits are very cute, they can even be trained, but they need to be let out of the cage, and they love to gnaw everything!

01-21-2019, 03:39 PM
Turtles for the win.

02-08-2019, 04:33 AM
Turtle for me.

Igor Kadnikov
02-18-2019, 07:26 AM
Turtle will win

03-28-2019, 01:22 PM
I think rabbit is better. firstly he is fluffy, secondly you can play with him