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01-06-2018, 06:59 AM
Hey friends!

I started working online as an ESL teacher and although it was great for getting some remote work experience and it got me out of my local teaching job which I was tired of at the time, I quickly realized that it wasn't the best match for me. The main reason was the 'background noise', which wasn't permitted at all. As I live in Ecuador, people are always out in the streets or their front yard, etc., and most houses are pretty close together, so it was really difficult at times to avoid any background noise and distractions for both my students and I.

So soon enough I was looking for a new job. I wanted to continue working online, the beneifits were outstanding! I just needed a job I could do from my home, that didn't require me to talk on the phone or via video conferencing.

I felt lost for a quite awhile. I didn't know where to look or what I was even looking for. I would perform Google searches like, "online typing jobs" or "work at home writing positions" but an endless number of scams would also appear which made it very difficult to find a job I could actually apply to and get paid consistently, to replace my current job of the time.

As I sifted through the junk, I came across some websites that helped me discover the different types of jobs I could be doing that fulfilled the criteria I was looking for, and little by little I was able to perform new searches and eventually find some opportunities.

This took weeks on end though, and is not something I would want to do again. I was close to giving up several times, as it just seemed like I was getting nowhere.

Well, now I work as a Customer Service representative, answering emails, chats, etc., for an online company. It is all in writing, so no phone or video is required.

Before this I also worked for a company for two years as a live chat agent, and I have tested the waters with other similar jobs as well.

I just wanted to share some keywords that you can use to search for jobs that would fit this criteria - 100% remote, non-phone jobs.

So, some of the jobs that you can look for if you are in the same boat I was, are:

Chat agent
Customer Service Representative
Social Media Moderator
Customer Support Agent
Content writer... etc.

I hope that helps! If you know of anything else, please let me know so I can add it to the list!

I've also found many writing/typing jobs posted in the job boards that are listed in the guide found at Legit Work Home Careers ? Legit Work Home Careers (http://www.legitworkhomecareers.com) . You can submit your email to receive a free copy, which lists a number of legitimate resources that post remote work opportunities regularly.

Hope this helps!

01-06-2018, 08:19 AM
Thanks to this WAHM site, I came across a site called Rat Race Rebellion and was amazed at all of the valuable info it provided...

The reason for my response to your thread is that as much as I would like to get into Medical Transcription, I have been thinking about getting into the line of work that you posted about.

What are the specifics that a computer should have? Unfortunately I am working with a Dell that is running WindowsXP and have learned that XP isn't supported anymore.

Are you working for a company that pays per hour or only for the time spent chatting or answering an email?

Your thread was very helpful and I will be looking into that a bit further!

Thank you for your input!:)

01-08-2018, 09:45 AM
I'm glad it helped!

I use Ratracerebellion.com to look for online work as well, they are one of the online job boards listed in the Guide to Legitimate Jobs that I mentioned. :)

Medical transcription may pay better but it is one of those areas that is a bit harder to get into if you don't have previous experience in the same field and/or remote work experience, so looking in the Customer Service industry or general transcription could definitely be a good way to start.

In regards to the technical and equipment specifics, it will ultimately depend on the company you work with and the position you fill. However, there are some general guidelines you can follow. Unfortunately the older the computer is the less compatibility it may have with the majority of systems and platforms used. You probably don't want to go any older than XP, and the newer the better, but in some cases this will be okay.

Some companies will require that you use a certain browser (usually Google Chrome)
and I've also seen some that request Windows only, as their systems aren't compatible with Macbooks, for example. All of this should be stated in the job outline though.

So generally speaking you can use these specifications as a rule of thumb (though it will vary slightly depending on the company/position)

- A computer no older than 3 years
- Windows 7 or higher (although not all platforms may be compatible with Windows 10 yet)
- A Google Chrome browser available for use
- An internet download speed of 1mbps MINIMUM - depending on the position, 5-10 mbps could be required (although usually not necessary for typing jobs)
- A microphone (can be the built-in laptop mic) available at least for interviews and meetings
- A processor speed of 1.5 GHZ minimum.. 2 GHZ or higher, is better
- Some positions may require that you have a certain amount of storage available to download and store the files you need to perform the job (this should be stated in the job outline)
- A USB mouse (working for hours a day using only you laptop mouse pad will likely cause soreness or pain fairly quickly)

Also, to answer your other question. The company I work for pays me hourly and 98% of the online jobs I have had over the past 8 years have operated in the same way. Only two jobs paid me per minute of work - when I was teaching ESL or helping people practice their English conversation skills, two companies paid per minute of speaking time, which added up to a common $10/hr if the entire hour was used.

Let me know if there's anything else I can help with :)

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