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07-09-2016, 09:34 PM
Hello! I'm a new member here but I have been having trouble finding legitimate opportunities.

Specifically I'm trying to find work as an editor for self-publishers of books and other manuscripts and documents. I'm currently looking for work in the publishing industry and I figure this would be a great way to get my feet into the industry and earn some supplemental income while I look for the type of publishing industry job I'm looking for. My local career services center informed me that there is a demand for editors who are willing to work with self-publishers, however I've been having difficulty finding legitimate resources to help me link with them. The biggest resource so far I've found is a site called Outsource.com, which advertises itself as exactly what it makes you think it sounds like - a resource that links WAH seekers with opportunities, and they advertise a very large database of users who are seeking WAH types to help with publishing and editing documents. Sounds perfect for what I'm looking for! However I discovered that they required WAH prospective to submit fees for the right to bid on an item, which in turn does not guarantee being linked to a job or contract. After doing additional research it seems that there is a high dissatisfaction with WAH users of Outsource.com with many users reporting that their fees have greatly exceeded actual payment for services.

That should run down what I'm looking for, I'm hoping the resources and community here at WAHM.com will be able to help me better find what I'm looking for.

07-10-2016, 09:52 AM
You might take a look at fiverr.com. There you can offer your services. As the title suggests your offer will be for $5 - at least to start. You could say something like, "I will edit your small ebook for $5." Set a page limit for your $5 service. At fiverr you can start at entry level with your $5 services, and once you get known & have a growing list of positive feedback you can charge higher prices, and step up to larger sized manuscript editing.

You might also look through lists of online published works, and contact the authors to offer your services. Not sure how that would work out for you, but maybe worth a try.

04-08-2017, 11:15 AM
..Hmm..just offering my five cents as a self-publisher.. While I would have loved to have an editor to work with before self-publishing my own book on Amazon KDP, paying someone to actually do it wasn't something I was willing to do. I think the whole self-publishing trend implies that writers are also willing to do their own self-editing so to speak. Since self-publishing doesn't guarantee your book is actually going to sell, paying someone to edit it might be a deal-braker. Especially seeing how everything else in self-publishing is free (no longer need an agent, pay for paper copies of anything, pay for distribution, marketing, etc.) Also, would you expect to pass some sort of a test before being deemed a legitimate editor? (I'm not sure I'd hire someone just because they're advertising themselves as an editor...you know..) Just to come at it from a different angle, for me, using free tools like Word, spell-check, grammarly, etc. was all that I was willing to use.. Because again, if its all about being paid, you're having a hard time finding editor jobs and self-publishers are having a hard time finding audience for their books.. I think traditional writers still use traditional editors but int he self-publish industry not so much..IMHO

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