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03-16-2016, 02:44 PM

Lionbridge or Leapforce are US companies that receive different search engines (which I can not list here to respect the contract I signed with Leapforce, but soon you will understand what is it), Internet sites assessed by us. This will allow the continuous and perfect evolution of search engines. Obviously, it is impossible (at least for now) to execute this by using machine instead of human assistance.

Getting this work is not particularly easy, you have to know good English (written) and there are three tests: a written test, a practical on computer and the one that will be done with your smartphone (Android 4.1 requires or higher or iPhone 4s).
You can try to take the exam twice at the most.

For now, the evaluators are hired (I among them), then you can submit your CV in English.
Once you pass the exams and everything else, you have to sign a real contract of employment with or Leapforce or Lionbridge.

But now let's talk money: your salary will be credited on a monthly basis based on the methodology Net-30 or after 30 days (but are actually 20) you requested. The credit must be made to an account with IBAN provided by Western Uninion (not applicable interest rate). The contributions will not be paid to you / holidays and tax will be deducted before payment (corresponding to US VAT).

The basic contract provides a salary for Leapforce of $ 11.50 / hour and $ 9 for Lionbridge but at Level 1 Evaluators can work a maximum of 1 hour per day (according to the time schedule PTC). There are 3 levels to the next level you must do other tests, then you have to study.

Right now I'm at level 1, but I hope to go to 2 this summer.

At level 2, you can work up to 2 hours per day.

At level 3, you can work without any limits (but up to 40 hours per week, according to US law, I honestly do not know if in other Countries it also works in the same way). If you wish, you can also work over 40 hours per week requiring a special permit.

Payments will be made in US dollars and the Euro exchange will be considered depending on the exchange rate of the valuation date of payment if you are residing in Europe of course.

The contract has a duration of 6 months but can be renewed if you work well: I met aFrench and Italian couple on this site and their contracts were renewed.

advanced contracts, there is the possibility of reaching a wage of $ 18 an hour, as I read it on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorkOnline/search?q=leapforce&restrict_sr= on & sort = relevance & t = all.

And the article about Leapforce on the Italian Newspaper Corriere della Sera is explained here: Vita da «rater»: 11 euro all'ora per far funzionare a dovere l'algortimo di Mountain View - Corriere.it (http://www.corriere.it/tecnologia/economia-digitale/12_novembre_30/rater-manual-google-algoritmo-11-euro-ora_c53e4c30-3b06-11e2-b4fa-74f27e512bd0.shtml)

In a period of three weeks (including exams) you will receive an email where Leapforce asked to sign the contract.

You can do the Leapforce test yourself if you are good, but if you fail or you are not sure of yourself to take the test (exam), I can help you pass the exam.

To send CV go to this link: https://www.leapforceathome.com/qrp/public/home

Here is a detailed explanation of exigences:

https: //www.leapforceathome.com/qrp/public/job/34

If you have further questions please leave a comment or email me [email protected]

Thank you

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