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View Full Version : Trades Of Hope

09-21-2014, 06:01 PM
Is anyone currently involved with Trades of Hope? I have a few questions. The first one is do you have to carry inventory? Are you being as successful with this company as you thought? Do you have weekly/monthly trainings in your area? Do you feel supported by your upline. Are you doing this part-time or full time, and if for a career, fulltime, how many hours a week. What is your monthly average? I am interested in this company but want to try it as a career, and I am curious to hear from others, who have the same goal.

09-21-2014, 08:02 PM
Hi OTgirl,
There are a couple of us here on WAHM that have joined this year and are actively working to build our businesses. :) I will try to answer your questions quickly here but if you're looking to make TOH your career I'd love to chat with you on the phone for a few minutes to make sure I can answer them more fully if you wish and make sure you have all the info you need to make your decision.

The first one is do you have to carry inventory? No. There are a few women in the company who do but most of us don't.
Are you being as successful with this company as you thought? Doing much better with TOH than I have in past companies. Still building to where I want to be but doing well so far.
Do you have weekly/monthly trainings in your area? We are just starting monthly CE gatherings here in KC. But TOH does a weekly training call (they tape it for those who can't attend live) and we have a private FB group for all CEs which is a GREAT resource and my Director has a group just for us too (she's also the corporate trainer and absolutely amazing). And I just started catching up on the calls that started a month ago for those who want to become directors that she does. I think we are approaching or maybe just passed around 800 Compassionate Entrepreneurs nationwide. So there are pockets where there are monthly meeting that ANY CE can attend but many more areas where we will keep growing to reach that point.
Do you feel supported by your upline. - YES, she's amazing. I can't wait to meet her in person at our conference in January.
Are you doing this part-time or full time, and if for a career, fulltime, how many hours a week. What is your monthly average? I am currently working my business about 4-5 hours a week but as I gain more momentum I plan on working about 10-12 hours a week as I want to be doing 2 parties a week (mine are about 1 hour with me there) and then time for calls, contact, training calls with my team, etc. My goal is to reach Master CE by Christmas.
If you have any other questions for me you can message me/call me through my FB page in my tag line as I check there several times a day and here only once a day or so.

Did you see that anyone who joins in Sept. will be getting 10 polio vaccines being donated in their name and 10 more donated in her new sponsors' name? I know on the 18th it was posted that 480 doses had already been donated!! In just the 6 months I've been with TOH I have been seeing the momentum really starting to roll. <3

09-24-2014, 09:01 PM
Thanks I missed this post before. I only saw your PM, which looked like you had no answered my questions. Thanks for the response. I am still doing research. I have talked briefly with someone local to me. If I make the decision to move forward then I will contact her. I like the company's mission, but I am a little nervous about the youth of the company. It seems like such a little operation compared to another great MLM company that I have been a part of. I would want to try to make a career out of it so I need to know I will have a lot of support and training in my area. Thanks for the information/ and time in answering mynquestions.

09-24-2014, 09:54 PM
You are welcome. And if you have a local contact for Trades of Hope, that's great! Yes, Trades of Hope just turned 4 years old we just finished becoming a part of the DSA this year, but our co-founders did an amazing job of doing their research on how best to accomplish the mission of helping women step out of poverty, how to give them a way to escape sex trafficking, etc. and in putting everything together for us. And every great company had to start somewhere. :)

There are SO many training opportunities available whether you have a large local group or not. So if you decide to move forward and become a world changer with TOH I don't think training both on the basics and on the deeper levels would be an issue at all. And it's not too late to sign up for our national training retreat in January that's being held in Daytona, FL. I'm going!

If you have a true passion for helping others, if you see the beauty of our line, if you would like to be a part of a company that strives to follow biblical principles and is helping women around the world as well as us CEs right here in America build stainable businesses..... then dive in and be a voice for the voiceless with us! I know for me, the more I learned about the stories of these women, I just couldn't NOT be a part of what Trades of Hope was doing! I found myself lying awake at night thinking about who needed to hear about Trades of Hope and how I could help support my growing family while doing something so very worthwhile. I just had to be a part of this company to help as many artisans as I can.

Best wishes with your research and I look forward to seeing if you decide to join us and build a strong business with our young(er) and quickly growing company on a MISSION. Blessings to you!

09-25-2014, 07:28 PM
Yes there are a few of us on here. Looks like Amanda did a thorough job of answering your questions. Trades of Hope is top notch in all areas. The one thing I can add is that my customer average order is higher than with any company I've been with. Women who appreciate artisan workmanship and or chic fashion, really love our products!...

All the best in your search!

10-02-2014, 08:49 AM
Thanks everyone. I am just trying to figure out what the average monthly salary is for various leadership ranks in the company. I realized it is up to me to sell the product and determine my own success, but I would like to know an average for each leadership rank currently is. I am currently already in a direct sale company and doing very well. I was given an Income discrepancy sheet from my current company when I joined, so I knew what to realistically expect. I was just looking for the same from TOH, because I realize it is a new company.

10-02-2014, 10:40 AM
Just jumping in to caution folks to message you with that rank earnings information to avoid running afoul of the board's rules around "income claims."

If you are working with a local sponsor, I would think she should be able to provide you with statistical information from the company like that, too!

10-02-2014, 02:16 PM
Hi again OT girl,
We do not have a sheet like that. I agree with Liz, that could brush very close to being against the DSA's income claims rule and Trades of Hope is a member of the DSA. We do have, and your local contact should have access to it in her back office, our compensation plan which shows with lovely diagrams what's required at each level and what you would earn % wise on various things. You could then speculate what you think you and your team might accomplish. Money is to be made in any company in my opinion, you just have to find the one that makes you passionate to go out there and get it! Ask your local contact you mentioned to see the new Comp Plan Flip Chart and make a plan to reach whatever income you're looking for. :D

10-02-2014, 09:44 PM
I contacted Trades of Hope directly. I am already in a current direct sales company that is a member of the DSA. What I am looking for is realistic and reasonable. I realize my success is up to me. But I am also investing in a business, and want all of my facts. Thanks for all your valuable information.

10-03-2014, 06:42 AM
OTgirl, I wasn't trying to be negative in my response and I'm sorry if it came across that way. Just that we don't have that kind of information. I have been in DS long enough to know we as current reps for a company do have to be very careful. I was just trying to respond to Liz's comment. Not trying to say your desire to know the information was wrong, just that they don't provide us with that because of the being careful. I hope that the home office was able to give you the level of info you were looking for. I wish you all the best in finding out what info you need to make the best choice for you. :)

10-03-2014, 09:42 PM
Thanks Amanda! No offense taken. LOL I haven't heard back from the home office. I will give it a few more days. When I signed up with my current Direct Sales company, they actually gave me an income sheet that showed the high/low and average of each rank. So I guess that is what I was looking for. They provided it, so you had a realistic view, of knowing that you would not be getting rich overnight. Thanks for all your information. You have been helpful. May, I ask you about inventory? Do you keep a lot of inventory for expos/shopping fairs? What is your experience? Thanks

10-04-2014, 08:45 AM
I do not personally carry inventory. There are a few ladies in TOH that I know that like to carry stock and sell of their tables at both events and then they re-order using host benefits. I think the vast majority of us do not carry much stock, if any. I haven't had any problems with someone wanting an item and walking away because I told them we needed to order it for them. They appreciated that these were my demo pieces when I tell them that and I wanted them to have a nice, new piece. Our shipping is just $4.95 for any size order and that's pretty reasonable. I put these orders in under an open party myself to use the host benefits to grow my display too. Just two different ways to do it. We are still tax free here in Kansas which is a nice bonus but I know with how we're growing we'll hit that threshold soon and have to start collecting tax too but that's a good problem to have. :)
If your local contact hasn't gotten you a copy of the comp plan I can send a copy to your email. You could at least look at the min.s and see what each level would give you. We do have a live ticker box in our back office that shows us the top 10 in sales each month so I know some of these ladies are ROCK'IN it! There is a friendly competition that goes on. :)

Did you call the home office or did you email them? Usually they reply within 48 hours (during the week) to any email request. If you don't hear back from them by sometime on Monday, I'd try again. When I first requested info from the home office they got back to me pretty quickly. Now the local rep they sent my info to, to contact me didn't contact me for a week so I asked to be contacted by someone who was more active in their business and got set up with my current sponsor who is on the east coast.

I am happy to help try to answer any TOH questions you have, that I have the answers to. :) Have a wonderful weekend!

10-05-2014, 06:14 PM
Thank you Amanda. Yes, I have spoken to someone. Now, I just have to make a decision. Thank you so much for all your time and responses. I hope all the CE's are as wonderful as you.

10-05-2014, 07:46 PM
I started with Trades of Hope in April and so far I have found my fellow CEs to be fabulous at helping one another. Most of us have a strong passion to help others and it includes our Sisterhood because as we can help each other grows our businesses and help more CEs get started.... the more artisans we can help.
To me, it's amazing to think how the purchase of one of our TOH items can create an income for that one artisan, can grow to help even more women who are all then putting this influx of income into their local economies helping even more people out of poverty through their purchases, being able to send their kids to school, or can help a woman escape the sex trade and being a new life with dignity, or can help a Mom leave a sweat shop and begin working less hours and actually be able to feed her children from the labor of her hands and get to be home at nights with her kids instead of them being alone at home while she works 14-16 hour days...... We are not out to just create a few ripples of change. We're out to create a tidal wave of change and break the poverty cycle for as many women as we can while helping the women here in America, being their advocates, support their families too! If you end up deciding to join I'll look forward to seeing you introduced on our close FB group. (of course I don't know your name yet, haha!) Have a blessed week OTgirl. :)

10-06-2014, 04:29 AM
I like the company's mission, but I am a little nervous about the youth of the company. It seems like such a little operation compared to another great MLM company that I have been a part of..

Im not with Trades of Hope but wanted to post my observation about the company. I first saw it at a local fair 2 years ago and I have definitely noticed that the company has been gaining momentum as I have been seeing more talk here and in other places. I feel more comfortable with companies who build up than those who start of with a bang.

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