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11-20-2013, 01:01 PM
My poor kitty is so sensitive to everything. It took me years to find food that didn't cause her urinary tract problems. So not long ago, there was a BOGO sale on Nine Lives Special Care cat food. I looked at all the ingredients, and figured it would be o.k. for her, but I must have been wrong. She loved it at first, then started not wanting to eat. I thought she was just being picky, so I waited her out, and she finally started eating again. But then she started leaving her stools uncovered, something she does when she wants me to see that something is wrong with them. They were EXTREMELY stinky and clay colored. All my research tells me it is likely the new food and its stopping up her gallbladder, so I went this morning and bought her canned fish (for the oil, which flushes the gallbladder) and am feeding her that for awhile. I also bought her a dry food I knew wouldn't upset her system and gave her a worm treatment, just in case a parasite has gotten in and is blocking her gallbladder.

Poor kitty. She is so sad right now, but she is really enjoying the pampering. Ate down that canned food like a demon last night. I hope it makes her better. I'll give it a week before I take her to the vet. She's 12 years old, so I have to watch her carefully. Her system can't handle as much as it could when she is young.

Plus, my roommate's cats have NEVER been vaccinated. Good thing my cat doesn't like them, because she doesn't hang around them much. They are so skinny and always have sores on their bodies from flea bites. I want to take them to the shelter on the sly sometimes just so they can get some TLC. I don't see how someone can have cats and not vaccinate them or treat them for fleas when they are covered with sores! When I first came here, they had lost almost all their fur from fleas and had sores all over. I told her that if she didn't treat them for fleas and get their skin problems fixed, I was going to call Animal Control. She did, but I have to bug her about worming them and defleaing them all the time. I shudder to think what will happen to those poor cats once I am gone. I really do want to take them to the no-kill shelter before I leave, but that would be horrible -- or would it?

11-21-2013, 05:31 AM
About your cat...it sounds like you know her better than anyone and are doing all you can to help her. Definitely take her to the vet if she isn't better soon, though. Even though she doesn't associate with your roommate's cats, she could still pick something up from them just by being in the same living space.

Taking your roommate's cats to a no-kill shelter...sounds like a GREAT idea! They are obviously not getting the care they need or deserve.

Good luck!

11-21-2013, 06:42 AM
Thanks. She didn't eat well last night, but that could either be her being picky or the fact that I gave her wormer yesterday, so she isn't feeling well. I just keep rubbing coconut oil on her fur and paws so she will lick it off. She won't let me dose her or eat it, but she will lick it off her paws. That's a way for her to get some healthy oil into her.

She was perky and alert this morning, begging for her treats, so I'm thinking she will be o.k. As for my roommate's cats, I finally forced her to buy some flea medicine for them yesterday. What makes me so mad is that she will spend $7 for a loaf of bread and buy expensive organic foods, but she won't take the cats to the vet or get them vaccinated. The local PetSmart has $10 rabies vaccinations every weekend, but she won't even do that! I don't see how they have lived this long, honestly, and they are sweet cats.

Angela in Oz
12-10-2013, 03:17 AM
I show and breed Ragdoll cats, and feed them a raw food diet, along with holistic cat biscuits. If you can get raw, minced chicken frames, they are great for cats, they have bone in them along with the meat, and seem to be gentle on sensitive stomachs.