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View Full Version : Rain, it just can't wait! (RI)

10-20-2013, 04:10 PM

Rain's competitive advantage with the science of seed nutrition is exclusive and is a breakthrough on the research of the nutritional value of seeds.

Rain's pipeline of next-generation seed nutrition products has now entered N America allowing them to provide a steady stream of their innovative seed based product, SOUL, aimed at helping people live a more healthy life, longer in the US and Canada.

This announcement is a huge milestone in the history of Rain International. They are alive with rapid growth and are ready to partner with people the world over.

Additionally, opening its doors to the North American market gives them the opportunity to accelerate the growth of Rain International locally like they are doing in our other markets around the world.

Rain Internationalís is the #1 leader in the seed nutrition industry.

Learn More or Get Started Today: RAIN INTERNATIONAL (http://www.myrainlife.com/cmikulski)

There are nearly 600 published peer reviews on black cumin seed alone.

SOUL is expensive to create and should not be looked at as a discount product which contains cheap fillers. It contains carefully sourced ingredients and can save people on money on their prescription expenses.

Countries open: United States, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Malaysia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Taiwan, and Ukraine.

SOUL has the highest ORAC rating of all products on the market.

Company is US-based in Utah, Opened July 17th 2013 in the USA and Launched officially in the USA September 14, 2013.

Was open overseas for the past 2 years creating a million-dollar earner and making dozens financially free.

The US operation was opened seamlessly, delivering products, pay, and customer service like a veteran company.

The black cumin seed is processed using 6 patents. No high temperature and chemical solvents used like more processing.

SOUL is 281 x more potent than aspirin and ibuprofen.

2 oz of SOUL equals 8 lbs. of fruits and vegetables and is 8-10 servings of fruit and 8-10 servings of vegetables.

2 oz equal 2-3 servings of healthy fats. Omega 3, 6, and 9.

2 oz equal 9 of the 14 Super Nutrients.

Are You Ready For Rain?: RAIN INTERNATIONAL (http://www.myrainlife.com/cmikulski)


Increase energy, performance and stamina

Strengthen the immune system

Lower risk of cardiovascular disease

Improve brain function

Aid in weight reduction

Regulate organs and glands

Speed recovery and healing

Improve digestion

Decrease infection

Keep bones strong

Protect genetic material

Produce beautiful hair, skin and nails

Improve athletic performance

Reduce/ prevent inflammation and PAIN

Improve cardiovascular health

Boost production of bone marrow

Fight cancer with antioxidants

Regulate blood pressure

Lower bad cholesterol

Improve vision

Anti-aging properties

Help manage and prevent Diabetes

Fight Auto-immune disorders

Calm upset stomachs

Support healthy child development

Ease PMS

Prevent hearing loss

Make It Rain: RAIN INTERNATIONAL (http://www.myrainlife.com/cmikulski)

A Comp Plan for 2014 and beyond.....

This comp. plan with Rain Int. is not like anything I have seen.

I think of all the comp plans I have been a part of, this one with Rain Int. really can make substantial checks even for the little guy doing it PT and that will cause massive retention.

No longer is the "binary" a comp plan to be shunned. In fact, Rain's binary is actually highly desirable.

It's all because of the "coded bonuses" as well as the 50% match on personals coded bonuses.

When someone truly understands coded bonuses, it can keep them up at night.

People will make more money from the coded bonuses and match than they will from the binary.

What floors me is that we no longer have to worry about one leg taking off like mad and then try to catch the other leg up, because no matter what, if we have sponsored 2 people, one left one right, we will get the coding and match coding in the strong leg, and this point really needs to be driven into the minds of new prospects because when people here "binary" its a deal breaker for many of them.

The first month most people's checks are larger because they are sponsoring and getting fast-starts, but in month 2 and 3 etc... their checks are small because they are not sponsoring as many or any people and so their check doesn't have any fast-starts. They don't understand long-term growth and they quit.

The "coded bonus" and match, people's checks continue to rise even when they stop sponsoring. This will cause retention, and this will make everyone even more money.

Because of the positioning of where we are - in early, company just launching in USA but being over 2 years old abroad and all the kinks worked out and company running smoothly, etc etc - It's the "timing thing". The timing won't wait for you. North American Launch is now and the timing is now.

Even the most part-time person can make good money with Rain.

I really think this comp plan SHOULD be explained because the way they have the coding and the match set up is a game changer.

And then we have the product which everyone gets results with.

When all the factors of Rain Int. are considered, this is the best opportunity I have ever seen, and beats out the second best by a universe.

It's Your Time - Get Started Now: RAIN INTERNATIONAL (http://www.myrainlife.com/cmikulski)

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