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View Full Version : 20Now Marketing! (TT2)

07-26-2013, 08:46 AM
The tools about to be released by this company are easily worth 30 to 400 dollars each, but we get "All" of them for just twenty bucks. These tools can be used to promote any product, service or information you want to share.
Some of the tools you can't get anywhere else since the company owner created them himself. The most popular and proven tool works on the largest marketing platform in the entire world . Facebook!

Now we can profit from Facebook also, but you must pre-enroll now to get as close to me in the matrix as possible. You too can be aligned with the "Fastest Growing Team".
The money we can make by being in early and having these tools before anyone else in the world "Will" impact our financial future in a very nice way.

Just a few points to get your attention if I haven't already.

- 100 Percent Payout
- 100 Percent Monthly Matrix Match on "All" Personal Referrals
- 5 Dollars Monthly Paid To Sponsor For Each Active Referral
- No Income Limit
- No Sponsoring Required
- Training Included For All Tools & Ongoing

This will be "Huge" and for most you, myself included, will be the largest group of people we've ever got together and making money.

What are the actual tools?

- Your Own Website - Imagine having a push-button-simple website that you can customize any way you want, making it personalized to you and your business.

- Facebook Marketing Module - this is the tool everyone remembers from last year. Facebook is the largest marketing platform in the world and you tap right into it. Imagine having the largest marketing platform in the world "on tap" and getting prospects that you don't now how they found you and you would otherwise never meet.

- Live Streaming Events - this is huge! Imagine hosting your own webcast like the big-boys and having an unlimited audience follow you live as you talk about your business.

- Mass Email System - Imagine having a massive list and 0 problems sending emails to each person and knowing they are delivered to the inbox every time.

- Blogging - Imagine "branding" yourself and having a following that enjoys what you have to say and wants the products and services you offer!

- Training Training Training - Yep, reading all that above I know with all the "easy buttons" and "automated" I can put on it, we're going to need a whole lot of training.

"ToolsTeam 2.0 Pre-Enrollment! (http://ToolsTeam.com/?sponsor=dreambiz)