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Sue McBay
07-19-2013, 01:54 PM
I was corresponding with someone about our food bars and realized some of the reasons I like them so much!

I tried to find products to heal and build health and normalize weight without the see saw effect. It gets worse as you get older, too. I found I never do well with CARBS! I seem to do better with MODERATION but then I was always craving and hungry. Really I was so frustrated. When I first tried the Food bar, I wanted it for my family as a daily source of nourishment. But I ate it too as a snack to try to eat something healthy instead of reaching for a cookie :D

I was PLEASANTLY surprised and so happy when I noticed my cravings diminished!! I am a nutritionist and so I know that a healthy body will maintain a healthy appetite and weight. Yet I couldn't find the balance!

With Regeneration USA whole food bars, I FINALLY found something that is healthy in the best way. Our bodies don't recognize many pills and potions even if they are natural and are vitamins and minerals. BUT our food bar is a FOOD SOURCE of nutrients. I'm so happy they made it.

I tried all those carb laden natural and healthy products from other companies like Coconut oil (always makes me gain weight) or green tea (made me jittery) or Stevia (lowered my blood sugar) I never had success in feeling it was nourishing.

BUT the whole food bar contains SPROUTED grains and seeds which are the SOURCE OF health and wellness for a body!! I'm so shocked to learn the founders knew the RIGHT WAY TO NOURISH AND HEAL! And feel so lucky to have found this company.

I always knew that balancing weight isn't about dieting and just NOT EATING JUNK FOOD - it was stopping the NEED to eat foods not good for you. Eating sweets is a sign of low blood sugar drops, mineral needs, etc. Now my whole family is experiencing wonderful health improvements!

Sorry to go on but I am on a soapbox about our bars as I have not found ANYTHING online to compare to them!

07-22-2013, 08:13 AM
Thanks for sharing this Sue! I agree with you 100%. Those food bars are incredible and I love them. Also it's like the body starts to crave them as well as more wholesome foods which help with cravings tremendously!

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