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View Full Version : How do you do it??

07-09-2013, 10:06 AM
I'm just about to begin this new venture. Here's a little about me and my situation:

I'm 29, live in CT, and have a husband and two kids. My husband works full-time and I'm home with the girls. I have a five year old and a nine month old. I want to homeschool them both. Before now, I was nannying for kids at my home, which made interacting with my own kids "easier" (definitely not EASY, but better than nothing). Now I'm doing computer work for my father's company instead (the kids I was nannying for outgrew this situation and I haven't been able to find another child to watch).

So here's my question --

How do you do it??

Do you get up extra early to do your work before your kids are up? Do you work while they're awake and let them watch television or play on the computer? Do you have them play with toys while you're working? How do you get other household things done in between? Sure, there's the option of after bedtime, but I can barely keep my eyes open then, so I'm not even bothering to consider it.

I'm so overwhelmed at the moment. I wasn't exactly excelling at balancing kids and housework to begin with, but now, with work that doesn't exactly accommodate my kids, how do I do it all? I know they say that NO ONE can do it all, but I tend to set extremely high standards for myself (perfectionist here), so feeling like a failure is basically a daily event.

And, as I haven't started homeschooling my daughter yet (well, not in the eyes of the state, I guess; she's been learning since birth, but you know what I mean -- she would be starting kindergarten this year, so now everyone is bearing down on me with the homeschooling questions), the pressure to decide how to do this is mounting as well. I don't know what method I want to use and in between all of the madness of having an infant again, trying to keep the house from being overpowered with messes, looking for new nanny jobs that might work, searching for homeschooling groups to meet with (so my daughter will have more friends come the school year when her friends go back to school, so I'll have some people to talk to, and so others will shut up about socialization even though we're constantly on the move), and beginning this new venture with my father, I'm about to break.

I feel like the weight of everything is on my shoulders. How do you keep yourselves from the brink of collapse?

12-02-2013, 03:09 AM
Education is necessary and there is not a second thought about that...

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