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View Full Version : Psychic Support Group

04-12-2013, 12:20 AM
Does anyone know of any forums for psychics? A group that we can go and get support, vent, etc?

If not would anyone be interested in one? I've been googling but so far haven't been able to find anything.

04-13-2013, 06:27 PM
I've been looking for the same thing here!! Please if you find anything or want to try and put something together shoot me a PM and I'll send my email address... I'm just looking for a place to talk about these things with people that either have the same issues and questions or have had them and worked through them...

04-13-2013, 07:17 PM
A dedicated forum would be great, I've only found a thread here and there on forums.

04-14-2013, 03:49 PM
Sounds like a good idea. I can find sites with stuff about technique,etc but they seem to shy away from any discussion about uncomfortable readings or pay,etc.

04-16-2013, 05:11 PM
That sounds like it may be a lifesaver. I've worked for lines several times and burnt out quickly, mainly due to issues such as these.

04-16-2013, 10:44 PM
Yeah, I'm not really able to find anything out there. Relieved you guys are interested. I think it'd be great to have a place for us to go and vent and get support. I'll do some research on free forums. I have one in mind. I'll keep you updated. This is my first time doing something like this so I might need some help/input.

04-22-2013, 05:53 PM
I created one on Facebook last year called Internet Psychic Advisors community. It is a closed group, which means you can ask to be added. Just PM me your FB name and I will add you if you like. It is small and not very active, but it is there nonetheless. I created it for support for internet psychics specifically, but all professional psychics are welcome.

Jaqub Jackson
05-01-2013, 10:11 PM
If you guys like, I could create a forum for this very purpose. I thoroughly enjoy interacting with other spiritually aware people. To share ideas and knowledge on a much deeper level.

If there is significant support for it, I could get it up and running very quickly

05-21-2013, 05:31 AM
I don't want a Fb as a place to share. This is delicate because we will be basically consulting with each other about clients who have confidentiality. If we are consulting it is fine but I would not want to do it on Fb.

I am interested in the forum. My email address is: watchesbyhelen (at) gmail (dot)com


07-05-2013, 02:31 AM
This is a fine place for psychic discussions.

10-09-2013, 03:01 AM
I am working for a video chat community where I put time into a Free Chat room. We are not allowed to give free readings which is fine and good with me. My Guides taught me long ago not to give my abilities away without an exchange of energy. I can show people how good I am without giving them free readings. But I am amazed and frustrated at how many people just leave when you say that you do "reading in Private where they can be the center of my attention." I tell them that there are too many energies in the free chat room for them to get a quality reading. They leave. I have not had a Private reading in something like 2-3 weeks, I think. i have given Demo Reading which are assigned and they have been good. But I put a lot of energy into my tine in Free Chat trying to be extroverted and all that. I am authentically who I am with a tad more energy added. lol It is a lot of work for me. I try and work 2 - 3 hours a day. I would work more but my body starts to hurt and I sometimes get headaches from all the people's energy...even with shielding.

I don't want to burn out and just felt I had to vent this some place. I want to say..."Do you go to your doctor and ask for a free exam? Do you go to a therapist and ask for a free session? NO! Then don't come to me and try to miooch off me! Stop being so cheap. I do this for a living...It is my livlihood."

Okay, I feel better. ;-)

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