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Scent N More
12-13-2012, 09:15 AM
Have a great day all! Merry Christmas!

Amber Rose
12-13-2012, 01:55 PM

I am glad that you are excited to get your Scentsy business up and running, however, selling as an Amazon Affiliate is against our Consultant Contract and Guidelines. All of the people selling through Ebay and Amazon are disregarding compliance, being reported to Scentsy, and will be terminated as consultants if they do not remove their listings. As well, having an external website related to Scentsy is prohibited unless this website is submitted to and approved by Compliance.

Scentsy does care, and I would encourage you to schedule a meeting with your sponsor AND Director, so that they may clarify the guidelines for you.

As a Party Plan company, the top sellers are not the ones who can buy inventory. Our top sellers are those who put effort into their business by booking parties, scheduling vendor events, and working hard. :)

12-13-2012, 02:52 PM
"Any suggestions to make money with Scentsy if money is tight? Why should the lower consultants stay in the game?"

Selling Scentsy doesn't need to cost you additional funds outside of your starter kit. It just takes introducing the product to people.That can be done organically (without paying additionally). Lower ranked consultants should stay because that's the rank we all started out and for those who have committed to keep on keeping on, the rewards are definitely there.

12-14-2012, 06:11 AM
Host a scentsy party yourself. You don't have to buy in bulk, but there is also no reason to buy one bar at a time. If you host a party, as soon as you get more than $150, there is no shipping... Then you get the free and half price products... You can use those to "stock up" without spending a lot of money so that you have something on hand in case the random customer needs one or two bars at a time. Usually I will tell the customer though that I'm going to hold their order until I get a few more to put together to avoid shipping OR if they need something quick, I'll reach out to my team (both upline and downline) to see if anyone local has something needed. I am not a "big scentsy seller". I just made it to star consultant last month after three years of selling. I do catalog parties also and Facebook parties, so I know about "this day and age".

What are you planning? Buying a bucket load and then quitting scentsy so you can sell it on amazon? Then what? Sounds to me like you'd make a buck a bar that way, but then what??

12-14-2012, 06:34 AM
Scentsy shipping is free on all qualified parties. Those who are not current Scentsy consultants are not permitted to sell Scentsy anywhere. Does it happen? Absolutely, but they don't have the 'legal right' to do so.

There will always be more customers who need servicing than there are consultants to serve. I don't consider anyone who buys on ebay or amazon my customers and am not at all threatened by that segment of buyers. Anyone who purchases on auction or other ecommerce sites doesn't know what they're getting. I've heard horror stories of wax being used, no scent, smelling like smoke, products damaged or not as described, etc. It's a risk those who opt to go outside a Scentsy consultant take.

There is still plenty of needs to be filled by current and future Scentsy consultants.

Scent N More
12-14-2012, 04:42 PM
Amber Rose "As a Party Plan company, the top sellers are not the ones who can buy inventory. Our top sellers are those who put effort into their business by booking parties, scheduling vendor events, and working hard."

I read back through your comment. Something struck me about vender events. I currently live in Utah where Scentsy was discovered. Utah is known for vender events. I have attended some as a visitor. Let me ask how would a Scentsy consultant make money doing them? When I have attended them the vender has products for me to buy on the spot. I know with just a few catalogs and my starter kit I may get people interested, hopefully they call me or order off my site, and I complete a sale. But most people who attend vender events are expecting to buy products on the spot. Why would I invest the money into a booth at a vender event if I don't have the products to display? So Amber your saying that the top sellers are holding parties and doing vender events as their only way of making their business successful and some don't even have inventory? Just a couple of catalogs and some sample product? The Star Directors and Superstar Directors are not buying inventory? Never have bought inventory?;) wink. How are they successful then? Parties are great. But unless your parties are sellling alot in inventory than you don't make much. Especially when you don't have inventory of your own to sell on the spot at a party or free products to offer as prizes. The top sellers must be investing in inventory to make their parties successful. Or am I wrong? Nobody is going to pay almost $14 for a single bar off my scentsy.net site. If I or another consultant has inventory and the customer can get a single bar for $5.00 now or order the bar on Ebay for $5. Also if a in home party doesn't make a enough to get free shipping we just expect the customer to wait that has already paid? Unless of course everyone in your social circles are loaded. LOL In that case you would do well with just a few catalogs, some sample products. and your customers will wait until the consultant can get free shipping. My social circle is not loaded. So this is why I sell and market on the internet. As I am sure alot of consultants do. Family and friends love you and co-workers can be your best buds but if they don't have money they just don't have it. Have a good evening Ms. Rose. I hope to get some feedback from you. Sherry E. ;)

Amber Rose
12-14-2012, 08:05 PM
I feel that it would be very beneficial for you to visit with your Director :)

Vendor events are a marketing opportunity which allow a consultant to book future parties and to recruit new consultants to join as well. It all depends on what your marketing strategy is. Investing in your business is completely up to you, and your own approach to running a compliant business may be completely different from others.

As far as inventory goes, I don't buy inventory. Any inventory that I do stock is built up through parties and orders, as well as fundraisers. There are many, many ways to build up inventory and not spend your own money :)

I am sorry that you see the sellers through Ebay and Amazon as competition, as they are hardly that. I will not go into this, but LA Scents gave a great response in this regard already.

As a consultant, it is your responsibility to make sure shipping is taken care of if a party does not meet the $150 minimum. It is, ultimately, up to you how you will handle this - and I do have my own way of doing so :) I never, ever have a party or order sitting, waiting for enough orders to come in and qualify for free shipping. It is in your best interest as far as quality customer service, to provide the products in as little time as possible.

I sell and market on the internet very successfully, so you may be getting the wrong idea :) I combine all of these marketing and sales techniques in my business and in coaching my team.

Hope you have a great night!

Scent N More
12-14-2012, 10:56 PM
Thank you for the response Ms Rose. Thank you for making yourself more clear Ms. Rose. Sorry for the trouble. Good night! Have a great day tomorrow ladies. :)

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