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View Full Version : New proud parent of a mini pig

08-06-2012, 03:30 PM
Hi everyone,

I have been gone for a while but now I am back and more excited than ever about this pet forum. We just got a mini pet pig a few weeks ago and it is definitely an interesting experience! Is there anyone out there with a pet pig?

You can see pictures and videos here: My Mini Pet Pig | Join us on the adventures of having a micro mini pet pig! (http://www.myminipetpig.com). There is a great video of him giving piggy kisses. I think that's my favorite. He is now 9 weeks old and weighs 4 pounds.

We are huge animal lovers and have two rescued cats. We also have a three year old daughter and one year old son so my hands are full!

Many of you were so kind when our wonderful cat passed away a couple of months ago. I really appreciated that and it makes me excited to be back with a new member of our (pet) family since it was clear how much all of you love your pets :-)

Take care,

08-06-2012, 03:35 PM
OMG that's the cutest thing I've ever seen!!!!!! More pics!

08-06-2012, 03:50 PM
How Cute!! I want one!

08-06-2012, 04:19 PM
Thank you! He is adorable though having a pet pig has been such a different experience than a dog, cat or any small animal (we've had them all!).

FruitsandVeggies, here is more media (videos and pics) of our little snorter: Piggy media – see Cocco grow | My Mini Pet Pig (http://myminipetpig.com/piggymedia/)

And CrystalMK, so funny you say that. A family friend came to meet Cocco and ended up getting a pig for her family!

08-06-2012, 07:20 PM
Katie, that is the cutest and sweetest thing ever. It makes me want one too. I just love the tongue.

08-06-2012, 07:55 PM
OMG he is so darling! I loved the video of him eating frozen yogurt! Too cute! Makes me want a little piglet though I wouldn't know the first thing to do with it lol.

08-07-2012, 05:18 AM
Thank you! BarbB, the tongue is adorable. It's always sticking out, just resting on the palm of my hand and makes me laugh every time I see it lying there.

wordpressdoll, I had absolutely no clue what to do either :-) I did my research though when he arrived the research didn't really prepare me!! That's part of why I started the blog. If anyone else was quirky (crazy?!) enough to consider a mini pig as a pet, maybe they could learn from my experience. He really is a wonderful pet.

Thanks for your notes!

Amy Jacobs
08-07-2012, 10:04 AM
awww I want one lol... how cute!

08-07-2012, 10:55 AM
That is so cute. We are currently looking for a rabbit.

08-07-2012, 11:06 AM

Rabbits are great pets, especially if you are prepared for them. Have you had one before? We had one that literally ate up every wire he could get his teeth on. He was a sweet boy but caused some trouble :-) Still, worth all of the damage he caused.

Best of luck!

08-08-2012, 09:42 AM
Katie, what made you decide to get a pet pig?

08-08-2012, 06:03 PM
When my sister and I were in high school, we saw pigs at an exotic pet shop. The idea of having one took a back burner for all these years and then recently we started to talk about it again. We researched what it would be like to have one and contacted several breeders.

We both love animals and just decided that we would get one together. We live about a mile apart. The pigs see each other almost every day and it's so cute to hear their snorty reunions :-)

08-09-2012, 09:41 AM
The pigs see each other almost every day and it's so cute to hear their snorty reunions :-)

Aww that sounds like it would be so cute! :) You should capture that on video for your site.

08-09-2012, 06:07 PM
I know, I am going to try next time! Somehow I never have my phone handy while juggling my one year old and the piggy :-)

09-11-2012, 02:51 PM
To Cute, Best wishing to all the family :)

09-12-2012, 06:57 PM
Thanks so much! Cocco is making waves on the Internet which is pretty exciting :-)

Jeannie Zavala
09-16-2012, 09:07 PM
Omg what a cutie!!!

09-17-2012, 03:48 AM
Thank you, Jean Z!