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View Full Version : How to start a call/reading

03-27-2012, 06:17 AM
I just got hired on with a Psychic network and will be doing phone readings. I have done tarot readings with friends, but never with a stranger by phone.

What is the best way to start off a call?

I am gathering some info and preparing myself to take calls, I just don't know I should begin the call.

Any advice? :)

03-28-2012, 03:47 AM
First off, congratulations on getting hired! I hope you enjoy it and have a lot of success.

I was *VERY* nervous when I started doing phone tarot readings over 12 years ago! (wow, I am old!)
Everyone is different, and you'll have to find the 'routine' that works best for you, but this is what I do:

When the call is connected I greet the caller and say, "Hello, this is Sal, how can I help you today?" I don't ask for names, information, etc... I try to set a relaxed tone right off the bat. Once the caller has asked their question/described their situation, I say: "Let me give the cards a good shuffle for you and see what they have to say."

Then I shuffle a bit until it 'feels right' and start the reading. :-)

I would suggest investing in a headset that you can connect to your phone so that you can have both hands free to work with the cards and not give yourself a stiff neck. I picked one up in Best Buy for ~$20.


03-28-2012, 07:45 AM
I appreciate your advice, thank you so much. It was just a little confusing to me as to how to start the call flow. :)

I have a headset, I have been working at home for 6 and a half years but decided to take an extra part time position for a few extra dollars.

Thank you so much for the tip and insight on how you get the call flowing. I appreciate it very much. :)

03-29-2012, 03:40 PM
I do not do phone readings, only chat sessions. I do ask for first names and Dates of Birth for any and all people involved just to make sure they are over 18, as is the law. Your psychic line may not require you to ask for this as they may have verified the over 18 age range already, but I would rather be safe than sorry.

I would also advise that you keep notes on your sessions as well for repeat clients, because I know that the number of clients I see through chat is far more than situations I can remember off the top of my head.

For the reading itself, I make sure I have a specific question or situation and that i understand what the client is asking of me. I tell them I am going to shuffle so they know I am still on the line and to wait and then I do the reading.

I hope that helps you!

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