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02-29-2012, 03:50 AM
I have sold on ebay for 10 or more years........Mostly making things to sell. I do reverse carved lucite and I don't teach or share how to's on that, but I have also made other things especially Dollhouse Miniature Collectibles for Adult collectors ie grown ups. it is a big industry and making miniatures was always good because it takes very small amounts of room, small amounts of materials, small packages for shipping and not much postage!

I haven't sold much lately, just spent two weeks searching for the right network marketing business to get into and have finally found it. I plan to make residual income. Frankly after all these years Making everything I would like to be involved in something else though will always make things and sell probably. I can't share my network marketing business links yet or my ebay links but you can send me aprivate message. (too new on the board)

If you want to see what I have done on ebay you can read my feedback.......or look at the things on my MePage. my user ID is : ladylucite if you know how to search for seller.

I have made and sold things that have gone to every state in the US and several other countries. I have repeat customers .........many in France.

For those that make things to sell I would be glad to share ideas with you. It is a good business for those that love to craft and do artwork. And you really CAN stay home, no parties, or deliveries etc. Some like to get out some and some would rather just stay home and work and be a hobbit. I do see there are some businesses you strictly do online but have never tried those. I grew up poor and if you wanted something, you MADE it if you could come up with the materials! lol

I am not really an artist but have done folk art paintings............lots of people can do that. start out selling them cheap andsee if you want to continue and build those skills.

Sometimes it is hard to get noticed on ebay at first. If you can learn to make miniatures in 1:12 scale you can make money. List in the Dollhouse Miniatures-- Artist Offerings......most collectors are excited to see new people for one thing their work sells cheaper ..........where as they have to pay mega bucks once you get skilled ......there is also a Handmade Items category under dollhouse miniatures but most crafters or artists sell in Artist Offerings.

If you don't want to make things you can go to yard sales and look for vintage items or good used clothing etc. Do alot of search of completed items so you know what things may be worth.
Well I could write a book but I best get busy LOL
Glad to answer any questions. Ebay gets alot of bad feedback and yeah I hate em too sometimes, but face it..THEY have the traffic......and as long as you DON'T have an ebay Store, your first 50 listings are free...........to list. you just pay a final value fee. So you really have nothing to lose.
if you click on the number by my ebay user ID it shows feedback and you can tell what was sold etc.

If you like getting out ...........and don't like making things then a party plan business may be better for you. We all have to find what works.

02-29-2012, 03:03 PM
Very pretty items, I love to make jewelry when I have time, but like to keep it for myself.

The detail in your minatures is incredible, looks like a great eBay niche.

I personally agree that the 50 free listings per month take the risk out of listing on eBay.

02-29-2012, 05:02 PM
Very pretty items, I love to make jewelry when I have time, but like to keep it for myself.

The detail in your minatures is incredible, looks like a great eBay niche.

I personally agree that the 50 free listings per month take the risk out of listing on eBay.

Thanks! I like jewelry too, and believe it or not I don't have on of my carvings ......been doing it for years. My son has a few. I have a goal this year to make an extra of each and start wearing some of it. it is very toxic to work with so I am hoping to do little of it in the near future.

another great ebay niche is buttons. they call them Studio buttons and you would list them under Collectibles, Sewing, Buttons, Other. they can be up to 2" in diameter Some button collectors collect them and they love to see new artist buttons. Lamp glass is very popular.......different ways to make buttons. the fimo ones don't bring alot but they do sell. Just saying in case someone on the forum does glass works, then buttons is another income avenue.
A person can just do a search for artist buttons, or Studio Buttons.....or just browse through the Other section under buttons.

03-09-2012, 12:38 PM
Thanks for sharing about your success. That's interesting that your have many customers from France. I remember the cartoon artist Robert Crumb was able to finance his retirement because wealthy patrons from France bought his originals.

Have you had success selling your crafts in other artist marketplaces like Etsy? I always imagined the best use of eBay was simply to get new customers, then transition them to buying through your online store (and cut out the eBay middleman).

03-09-2012, 01:45 PM
Etsy's fees can get crazy high too. At 20 cents a listing and a FVF and the whole relisting game to get in the searches, it's nuts. I'd go to eBay before Etsy, although I do have an empty shop there

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