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05-18-2011, 09:53 AM

But like Any business there are certain number of New skills you Will have to learn first...

An online web business which is what will bring you exposure and in return an income later is not a get rich quick business. Let me repeat that this business is not quick get me money now but is totally learnable.

Although you may think that it can take you a very long time for money to be made chances are that you may be right, however if we flip it over and you do what you got to do in order for your web business to succeed then the fact is that there are large amounts of money to be made in the long haul.

Remember this words: Building a Successful Web business is a Marathon and not a Sprint.

Like Any business there are certain number of New skills you Will
have to learn first.Your New Skills
•The correct mindset
•Simple web skills (getting rid of your Web fears)
•How to create a webpage
•How to upload
•How to generate traffic

I'm going to teach them all to you step-by-step...

...let's begin with the first one:

The correct mindset: Understand that starting an online business will take "TIME."
It's not an over night get rich and making money right away.

The reason why the internet attracts hundreds if not thousands of opportunity seekers looking to make money online quick because there are many so called "Gurus" out there claiming to do just that but...

something you may not be aware of is that when these so called "Gurus" sell you a product a lame product that will teach you how make money online...

will give you all these type of files for you to download on your computer and are left all alone to figure it out on your own. You also have instances where...

The majority of people online will drive traffic to a sales page and that’s it. Upon getting no sales they quit.

If you are this kind person or ever thought like that then don't feel bad. I was one of them! Everyone thinks this is the correct way on making money online but it simply is not.

Learning this new skills in order to make a decent income online is VITAL.

In order to have a full functional Web business there are a few investments one should look into. The Great News is that it is not expensive to get started. All you need are the 3 following things:

•Domain name
•Hosting account
•Auto responder
To start making money online all you need is a one page website rather known as a squeeze page. Once that squeeze page has a good conversion then let me tell you... you are in business...

Creating this one page website can be intimidating... but please by no means do not feel intimated... if you follow the process and the step by step instructions then you will see how things unfold.

I was once in your exact same shoes... Did not know a thing about a web business... but thanks to this exact same process and how I implemented it, now I understand.

I was once a complete beginner online, I still am with the only difference that I now know the foundation and complete basics on how to begin a successful web business.

…But like I said before all these skills are not complicated at all. All you need is to understand, educate, and implement them on your online business.

Let me also add that a mentor is absolutely needed if you want to succeed. You need someone who has been there done that sort of thing, someone who can guide you by the hand.

An example of a good Hosting company is that of Host gator but let me tell you that my good friend Chris besides from being an exceptional mentor also offers FREE hosting a value of $10.00/month

Now let me really quick tell you about autoresponders: An autoresponder is a very big part of your business because this is the system that will take care of sending the messages you want to personalize to your potential buyers.

…This is how you make money online.

I myself use aweber - It's very user friendly and the best part of aweber is if you ever get stuck they are only one phone call away.

Traffic is going to be the life blood of your business. This will determine if you'll make money online or not.

- And just like building your first website - building traffic is also a skill you must learn.

Ladies and gentlemen this is how making money online is made. If you follow the step by step process you should be in business. Let me remind you this is not a hard task on achieving but you do need the time and effort to make it happen.

I hope this helps you. If you have any questions Feel Free to PM me. I will be glad to be of some assistance to you.

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