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View Full Version : My dogs have me so p*ss**

Amy Jacobs
05-12-2011, 01:05 PM
I have 2 male puggles 1 white 1 black one they are almost 3 year old and neutered. All of the sudden they are going to the bathroom in the house again! I just walked in the playroom and 1 of them peed all over the floor and on some toys! What the heck is wrong with them! 1 of them is always trying to mark territory! They are just like kids they drive you nuts but of course you still love them :)

LOL! Okay let me go mop now.

05-15-2011, 06:46 PM
I used to volunteer at an animal shelter and I also have two dogs of my own. Based on watching shows like the Dog Whisperer and experience it seems sometimes dogs pee just because they are bored and/or want attention. Dogs can pick up on changes too. Is there a new baby in the home? Marital problems? Health problems? If none of the above seem to apply then they are probably just doing it to p*ss you off. :p