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04-08-2011, 10:52 AM
Hey Everyone,
I have my own handmade bath and body business: Welcome to Jenny Baleme's Inspirations Bath and Body Products (http://www.jbinspirations.com) . I have worked in retail and wholesale as a manager for more than 10 years so I'm quite familiar with both ends of the spectrum. Below I've indicated two different ways that I'm willing to work with WAHM's. 1.) Wholesale 2.) Being a Rep and earning 30%

Please email me or pm me with ANY questions, concerns, etc. that you may have!

1.) Basically, I offer a 50% "discount" from the prices listed on my website. (most bath and body companies don't offer 50% for wholesale...they offer anywhere from 10-30% so this is a pretty good deal for wholesale.)
Minimums are quite low:
Minimum order $75
Minimum of 3 per product/scent (meaning 3 vanilla 8 oz. lotions, 3 yellow rose 4oz. lotions, 3 bars of melon patch soap, etc.)
I ship the most cost effective way possible which is usually via the Post Office in flat rate boxes.

2.) If wholesale is too much for you to begin with you can go with the rep (like Avon) option meaning that you go around getting retail orders, submit the order to me online (with payment), and I'll mail you your order to disperse as needed.To see the products you could sell go to:Jenny Baleme's Inspirations Handmade Soap, Lip Balm, and Lotion (Jenny Baleme's Inspirations Handmade Soap, Lip Balm, and Lotion) (I'm always adding new things, scents, designs, colors, etc.) (You can also find me on facebook!)

Basically, I could give you an order form and catalog/brochure to get you started, then you'd need to get them copied to continue selling. OR you can buy them from me for .50/each. You could also just show the "catalog" to potential customers and then leave them with a black and white order form. Whatever you prefer!

There is no "sign up" fee. No monthly fee. I HATE FEES so I don't want to charge them to others either. There are NO kits you have to buy or a bunch of money to spend upfront. You can buy whatever you'd like for samples, etc. but nothing is required vs. a lot of these other business opportunities.

I'm also looking into making it possible for you to have your own sales "website" with tracking, but I haven't gotten that far yet. (There might be a small monthly charge for THIS feature depending on what I find out about setup, etc.)--SO FAR this is not an option.

You'd sell the products at the prices listed on the website, and I'd pay you a 30% cut/commission. (The easiest way to do this is to give you a "30% discount" on each order you submit since you'll be receiving all the money from your customers directly..and I'll be receiving my portion from you directly.) I ship as inexpensively as possible via the post office so your shipping charges shouldn't be too high. But that's why I'm also guaranteeing a 30% discount/commission on the products..instead of just 10-20%.

Let me know IF YOU'RE INTERESTED in becoming a rep for me or buying my products at wholesale pricing and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!
Thanks in advance!

**I forgot to mention. . .if you already sell something like Avon, Candles, etc. that's great with me. I don't see a "conflict of interest" at all. Email me or PM me if you're interested! Thanks!

Jenny Baleme
[email protected]
Welcome to Jenny Baleme's Inspirations Bath and Body Products (http://www.jbinspirations.com)

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