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Lori Moreno
11-30-2010, 05:37 PM
Good Afternoon Across The Globe....

Saskatchewan, Canada Is Now Open for Business!

After months of working with the Saskatchewan registering system we are "Open For Business!"

Those operating in Saskatchewan will be required to carry a Direct Sellers ID Card (which we will issue once you are set up as a Scent-Sations Distributor) as well as issue a Right to Cancel document at the time of sale. You are now able to sign up distributors there as well as have orders shipped there.
The Right to Cancel document will be available to you tomorrow morning (Wed) in the Back Office under the Distributor Documents section in a new section [Canada Right To Cancel Forms].
In addition, Scent-Sations, Inc. will be DBA (doing business as) Mia Bella, Inc. within Saskatchewan due to a name conflict with another company there, so you will see Mia Bella, Inc. on your Documents for Saskatchewan ONLY.
The Registrar has also requested Scent-Sations, Inc. inform all distributors of their responsibility to check with their respective municipalities to be sure all established regulations are followed.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Dermal Renu Autoship Signup and Change Option Available Wednesday, December 1
Starting tomorrow, December 1 you will be able to:
a) sign up for 1 of 2 Dermal Renu Autoship options - either the 2nd or the 9th of the month
b) switch your autoship program from your current one to one of the Dermal Renu autoship dates
Here is how it will work:
1) a new distributor signs up OR an existing distributor changes their autoship program to Dermal Renu during the month of December

2) on either January 2nd or 9th 2011 (depending on your choice) 1/2 of your Dermal Renu 60-day system that has a wholesale price of $215 will be charged ($107.50) plus the tax on the entire amount (as per tax law). Using Pennsylvania as an example with 6% tax, your first payment would be $107.50 + 6% tax of $6.45 for a total of $113.95.
3) On either February 2nd or 9th 2011 (again, depending upon your choice of when to run) the 2nd half of your Dermal Renu system will be charged ($107.50) plus the shipping and taxes on the shipping. Using Pennsylvania as an example, that would be $107.50 + $13 (flat rate shipping charge to US distributors) + 6% tax on the shipping ($13 x 6% = $0.78) for a total 2nd payment of $121.28. Upon the successful processing of your 2nd payment, your product will ship.
If for some reason your credit card is unable to be charged during the 2nd month (in our example, February 2011) we will continue to attempt reprocessing your credit card the following month (March 2011 and when it approves, will ship out. If it takes until April, 2011 then the product will ship out that month.
Remember - it is your responsibility to ensure that your credit card processes in order to not only receive your autoship products, but to qualify to receive commissions.
If for some reason you wish to change your Dermal Renu autoship to a different autoship program between your 1st payment and your 2nd payment, since your first payment qualified you for that month, your card will not be refunded but points will be placed in your account for product. You will then run on the newly selected autoship program the next month.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


What do YOU wish for this holiday season?
Consider a present that will keep on giving...
Register today for Summer Fling 2011 and take advantage of our low payment plans while you plan the rest of your trip! Summer Fling gives you all the tools necessary to build your business and achieve your goals and dreams! Not to mention the priceless friendships made each year at our fun evening events. Be sure to check out the link below for complete information and payment plans and register in your Back Office NOW!
We look forward to seeing you ALL here in Wilkes-Barre next August 1-3, 2011!.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Robert Scocozzo
Mia Bella Gourmet Products

12-03-2010, 03:10 PM
Very Nice ...
This is great news..

Lori Moreno
12-09-2010, 06:34 PM
I ordered my Dermal Renu today!

From everything I'm hearing and reading, it seems to be an extraordinary beauty product!

Lori Moreno :)